Call yourself a collector? (Pt 4)

We progress from models to the real thing…..

Those of you that read my 9-5 review last week would remember that I visited one of my Saab Car Club of Australia mates – Bill H. Bill’s turning into a bit of collector when it comes to Swedish automotive finery. I turned up in the 9-5 to a sea of headlights staring back at me on the driveway. 10 of them, no less. That’s 5 Saabs in the driveway, but there’s also one being dismantled on the other side of the property and yet another, a 900 Aero, on its way from Melbourne.

I know there’s a few multiple Saab owners out there, but it always amazes me to actually see someone’s collection first hand. I’d be the same if I had the space, but unfortunately that’s not been possible and probably won’t for some time – even if I could store a few more offsite the Mrs would kill me!

Here’s the collection, plus one straggler that just happened to drift in – can’t resist the camera, that 9-5.

The full bag, minus the Aero that’s on it’s way from Melbourne. A recently arrived 1973 model 99E, a stunningly beautiful white 99T (ok, I’m biased – it’s my old car), 9000 Airflow, 9000 Carlsson and Bill’s first Saab, the 1993 900T.

More pics follow……

A fine set of fronts and one nice rear….

Bill’s 99 collection. He now owns 4 sets of Incas as well. The 1973 model was just shipped to Tassie from Queensland, over 2000kms away. Funny thing about it though, before it went to Queensland it used to live in the same Tasmanian town that Bill lives in now.

My old 99T has now become a canine transport vehicle. Bill replaced the gas struts in the tailgate after he climbed into the back to retrieve something and then found out that the struts didn’t hold the tailgate up too well. Normally, if you’re shut in the back of your Saab you can climb through to the front and let yourself out. That’s a bit harder when there’s a dog cage bolted into the car and you’ve got minimal tools. Fortunately a small screwdriver was enough to get the latch for the tailgate open. Funny story though.

The 9000 collection. Good Carlssons are hard to find. Both of these are works in progress, though I think the Airflow might be hitting the saleyard soon.

Bill was pretty impressed by the 9-5. Perhaps this’ll be the photo I take in 12 months time??

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  1. This is quite a collection !!! I thought I was “cool” since I owned 4 Saabs over the years but this is a serious fan we have. In my case too, if I could store more of these I would at the risk of ending up living in one of them most probably.

  2. Bill,

    All you need now’s another pair of 99T’s, identical to the two I own. Come to think of it…… ;o)

    Perhaps we should get our collections together sometime! I’ll supply a T16S, early 99, a V4 95 and a souvenir edition 96! Hmmm… would they all fit in one photo?


  3. SW, it wasn’t at the time that funny being locked in a car on a hot day with nooone else in sight, not that I for a moment blamed you for the dodgy gas struts! The barrier is intended to restrain 3 GSP’s totally 105kg so busting through was not an option.

    DB, 12 between us would be a nice little pic! Bill.

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