Carpoint on the 9-3SC

I must be quick as I’m on a training course for the next 3 days (if anyone suggests a course in business process mapping, take plenty of caffiene).

What an underwhelming review!  The 9-3 SportCombi is being officially, sort of, released here in Oz this week.  Dealers are in conference and we can expect a few more writeups coming soon.  Carpoint is the motoring arm of the Packer press here in Australia and one of their people has just written up an article on the 9-3 SportCombi.  The verdict?  Well, it’s an endorsement of the car by virtue of it’s competition’s price.

Ultimately, though, there are only two reasons you’d buy the 9-3 SportCombi. One; because the price is right -– not all that hard when most of its German competition add thousands for the badge alone. And two; because it’s different to the rest of Europe’s wagon train. For some, that will be enough…

Prior to that, they manage to praise the good interior, logical instrument layout, comfortable seats, low wind noise, safety features, abundant torque and excellent overall ride quality.  They pick some holes in the timing of gear changes, cheap-feeling switches in places.

The bottom line, as with many reviews and reviewers seems to be "It’s not German but it’s OK, I guess".

It’s a bloody frustrating time we live in, ain’t it?  I guess it’s just another reason to push those engineers and designers in Sweden (and Germany, let’s be honest) towards a new standard of excellence.  Not only do we then get to drive excellent cars, but we can shut these $!%#$#^ journalists up once and for all!

Feel compelled to read the review at the link above and then feel free to express yourself at the bottom of the review where it asks for comments…..

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  1. I’m a little confused. He makes a complaint about the shift timing… shouldn’t he be blaming himself? I’m mean after all isn’t it his fault for not demanding to test a manual?

  2. I love the “SportCombi? C’mon guys” comment. It’s like they were just trying to give it a bad review but just couldn’t find that much wrong with it.

  3. For a Saab review in an Aussie publication i thought it was unusually positive. The “Sport Combi? C’mon guys” bit i found a bit humorous too but overall not bad at all. Not a single mention of GM, shared parts, bankruptcy, etc so that’s got to be worth celebrating, plus they only said ‘quirks’ rather than ‘quirky’ but perhaps that was a typo.

  4. I agree with Dinger, unless he was driving automatic. And, the “SportCombi? C’mon guys” thing… Combi actually means something, i’ts not like Saab made up that word just to sound different. It still stands out though.

  5. I’ve commented before on the local jurnos write ups and how negative these are towards Saab in general. Nobody seemed to care for feedback until this piece of editorial. Surely the press can lift the current state of Saab’s position in the local scene but honestly how can any jurno have any credibility writing this editorial when the reviews abroad are nothing but praise for the 9-3SC ??? This is certainly one issue that needs to be added on the recent “Saab in 2006” communiqué on what can be done to improve matters this year !!! This article in Car Point is not complementary to the 9-3SC as compared to what else has been written on this vehicle.

  6. The whole “two reasons” paragraph is idiotic. There is only one reason you would buy any new car; you looked at all the cars in your price range and decided which one you liked best.

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