Clear Aero-X pics

Those of you that are after a few bigger Aero-X pictures, ones that don’t have Saabscene written all over them – fret no more. From Automobile Mag.

Click on these to enlarge. Enjoy the greater details!!

Saab: Build it and they will come…..

profile large.jpg

profile open large.jpg

rearside large.jpg

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  1. Thanks these pics are great! The detailing on the rear of the car is very interesting. Is that chromed piece above the painted bumper the exhaust system? Looks awesome.

  2. jehrler: I saw your post before and I’d answer you if I knew.

    I’m guessing it’s that little sliver between the window and the door that looks like a separate piece? Maybe you can open that window alone to get air but not let too much air in? My old ’76 FIAT 124 Sport Spider had what we called a “wind wing” that was this little window forward of the side window that you could manually swing open to get air on your face without opening the side window. I kinda miss that thing…

  3. I like this car more and more every time I see it. It’s too bad if it were to ever see production that here in the States they’d have to change the clear taillamps to red to satisfy DOT regulations.

    I still don’t like the canopy, but I’m learning to just ignore that shot.

    The seats look thin and minimalist, but not very comfortable-looking. Are those SAHR headrests?

    That’s another thing I love about concept cars: the interiors. They’re all beautiful and futuristic with brushed aluminum or stainless steel surfaces and bleached wood grain and glowing mood lighting and all (like in the 9-X and 9-3X), but then when the car is produced the interior is indistinguishable from one on a new 1970’s car. Except for the cars with SatNav systems and digital stereo displays, couldn’t a 2006 SAAB 9-3 interior have not looked out of place in a 1970’s SAAB 99? I mean interior technology doesn’t really advance at the rate the exteriors do, does it? I want the interior in the 9-X!!!

  4. I wish Gm would just can these guys they have who are overly conseritve. Saab has soo many cool inovations and designs, I would love to see them come to the streets. I think the general publice would too.

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