Details Emerging part 2

I’ve received a couple of emails as a result of the Djup Strupe post from yesterday.  At this point, I haven’t been able to verify the reliability of the information as they’re new sources – so the new details here are to be taken as unverified.

The new info?

  • The engine in the Aero-X will be actually be a 3 litre engine.  Previous reports were of a twin turbo V6 but as the displacement wasn’t mentioned it was assumed by all and sundry that it would be the 2.8 now used in the 9-3 Aero models.  The engine, as previously reported, will be a Biopower engine.
  • The car will feature "sliding forward" front doors that will never see production.

Let’s tally up all the info we have so far:

  1. Vehicle name: Aero-X
  2. Unveiling: Feb 27 at 5pm in a special event prior to the Geneva Motor Show
  3. The car is purely a design concept, intended to give focus to Saab’s future design direction.  It’s said to point towards the Sonett of the past and Saab’s aviation heritage in general and is based on a unique platform not currently in production.
  4. The car will feature a 3 litre V6 (unverified) fitted with Biopower bits and twin turbo.  The Saab press release mentions 400hp.
  5. The ‘X’ designation, combined with the hefty horsepower indicates that AWD will be fitted.
  6. The 2-door coupe body is reported to be around the size of an Aston Martin DB9 and features either upward tilting or sliding doors.  A journo from Popular Mechanics who saw the sketches said "The front doors and the cockpit glass are connected and tilt forward in one big unit."
  7. The concept may possibly go into production on a shortened Epsilon II platform depending on public reaction.

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  1. Concept cars have always just been a PR tool for SAAB. They have rarely even used elements of a concept in production. The lone exception I can think of is the SportHatch concept (which became the 9-3 SportCombi). Perhaps one can point to the grill design on the 9-5 facelift as a decendant of the 9X and other Michael Mauer designs for SAAB.

    So, when I read that the Aero-X is supposedly going to signal SAAB’s design future I have to take that with a grain of salt. I highly doubt SAAB will create an exciting, unique car like the Aero-X. Maybe they’ll use its grill design on the next-gen 9-3 and 9-5, but I’ll bet that’s just about it.

    I get frustrated with concept cars, rather than excited. It shows what the car companies COULD produce without the constraints of economics and public opinion. They’re almost always desirable and what the companies actually produce evoke only a small fraction of the excitement of the concept.

    I guess in five years we can judge just how much of the Aero-X we see in production SAABs. I have the feeling it’ll be about as much of the 9-X and 9-3X of five years ago (yes, it’s been almost FIVE years already) we see in today’s SAABs or about as much of the EV-1 we saw in the late 80’s SAABs.

  2. 9X was totally planned to be made and was quite far engineered when GM axed it, next Saab concept was possible but they didnt have awd, next one was made but without glass roof for safety reasons.

    Details about reality of EV-1 I cant remember other than Saab was unable to fund 900 substituent so basicly unable to do any new cars at that point.

    So I would take seriously any Saab concept. Especially when word last year was that if this concept gets very good receiving they just might do it.

    And heh all new info on that latest post are 3.0 liters and direction of door movement 😛

  3. It is true that the concept cars aren’t to be taken too seriously. The doors and windshield folding forward here are clearly to look like a jet fighter cockpit canopy.

    What we should look at is what the powertrain says about where Saab wants to go. I think the 9-X should be built as a Volvo C30 and BMW 1-series competitor. Here, considering the previous Saab ideas, I think we need to look at it as an Audi TT fighter. I think it is an indication that they’re looking for a halo car now that they’re not getting a Solstice variant (The Solstice turbo should have been the Saab!).

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