Djup Strupe. Where are you?

Last year, a little prior to the Frankfurt Motor Show, I had some images dropped in my inbox by a gent I nicknamed Djup Strupe (which is Swedish for ‘Deep Throat’).  Those images were of the new, refreshed 9-5, which hadn’t been unveiled at that point and they caused quite a stir.

Ytl, in comments, writes the following:

Nothing heard from "Djupstrupe"? He should know what’s hiding behind the curtains. It was some time since we saw him and his pictures around your site.

Well, it seems that Saab’s security is tighter than a fish’s buttocks this year.  Nothing forthcoming as yet.

Of course, Djup, if you’re reading this and you are armed with some relevant visual entertainment, the upcoming Aero-X for example – then my inbox is always open. 

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  1. Usual leak reasons are:
    -broken press embargo
    -scanned dealer brochure
    -factory employee
    -test car spyshots

    Now because this isnt production model any time soon, things mentioned above wont happen.

    Sometimes “leak” is planned as part of overall marketing. Making sure that car stays in highlight.

    Other reason for prelease is some incredibly idiotic photoshops like seen often with Saab rumours. That are hurting brand image.

    Most likely Saab will release sketch drawing few days before D-day to build up climax. Most important thing for Saab is impress press that comes to the release event, those need to be surprised totally. And if there is leak, then no surprise.

  2. A concept car is never taken outside the design/styling department which here in Trollhattan is a separate building that very few people has access to. (read only those who works there)

    When it’s a production car alot more poeple has access to it and hence it’s much bigger chance of someone getting a chance to take a picture…

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