Down Joe!! Down!

Here’s one to soothe the savage beast.

Carsguide, the automotive section of the Murdoch Press, have published their first coverage of the 9-3 Sportcombi and it’s all good:

Saab’s fortunes look ready to change from bit-player in this country to something more substantial….

….Standard equipment levels are high in both cars and the interior is roomy and comfortable with a large expandable load space at the back. The spare is a full size and there are some clever storage systems dotted through the cabin…..

….The Aero is a potent piece of kit offering rapid acceleration in manual and auto with tidy sporty dynamics to match. It feels totally controlled at all speeds if a little jiggly on rough roads. We’d go for the auto.

Saab sold just over 1,100 vehicles here in Oz last year.  That’s well and truly less than what sells in the US in one month!  Needless to day it’s not quite good enough.  Between the V6, the SportCombi and the new 9-5, as well as improved price packages for the 9-3SS, there should be a whole lotta growth going on.

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  1. Apparently they are. Just checked their site/pricelist. Its either a 110kw familymobile or the full twinturbo V6 – nothing in between (unless you want the sedan). Perhaps its simply a supply chain issue and the range will fill up with time. Lets hope so as a $30k price difference between the two spec levels is odd.

    On a positive note, they have run-out deals on 2005 models and you can pick up a 93 aero for $55k driveaway. Now that is good buying.

  2. I was wondering about that one too. I think you’re right in that it’ll be a worldwide demand issue. Does seem like there’s a big hole in the lineaup though, doesn’t it.

    The 2006 9-3 SS Vector will possibly be the best value model out there.

  3. At last some piece of news that does some justice for a change and talks positively. I’m in the middle of closing the week and out to settle matters out of my office. More to come later this evening though. Not a bad way to move in to the Weekend !!!

  4. Absolutley I liked this one !!! If only the press did really report as this article in a non comparative and calculated manner targeting at discrediting all the major strengths of our Saabs, its position in this market will change dramatically. Ted Y gave us some positive editorial in particular the one in this link which of course is from the UK. Their record sales are the true testimony of what good publicity will do. Wouldn’t the local journos realize that many of their colleagues around the world concentrate on all the good features and what Saab offers rather than what it can not do, specially be a German vehicle ??? There are that many that they are fast becoming ordinary. Anyway, thanks Swade for my own Headline, even my kids and wife enjoyed this one !!!

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