Even MORE Aero-X pictures

My thanks to John for sending more of these through. As you can see, they’re from Saabscene.com and they’re what GM has, this week, referred to as “incomplete renderings” (though there’s at least one actual photo in there, too).

And yes, we finally have some interior shots!!!!

I’ll have more details later, but thanks to GM communications, I should be able to offer either a live feed of the Aero-X unveiling, and/or video on demand. I just need to figure out how to get it up and running. Like I said, more details on that later. For now, enjoy the photos…..




There’s plenty more after the jump….













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  1. i loooooooooooove these pictures… if they ever Did make a car like this, i hope they’d have 6-speed option :). Heres one question though, on the dash picture, why does it say ” RPM X 100″ ? My daddy always told me it was ” RPM X 1,000 “

  2. Do they know that I have a weak heart? I cannot be too excited 🙂 just kidding.
    This concept is becoming my wet dream. It just keeps geting better and better.
    Oh pleeaasee make this one come to life. It is soooo coool.
    (sorry for getting overexcited:)

  3. Wow! I’m impressed, and I now enjoy this concept much more than I did after seeing the first rendering. I agree with others, that the first rendering looked like “SaabVette”. This is a sleek, sophisticated, sporty concept. Just like all Saabs should be! I really like the interior, A+ effort. I could do without the spaceship entrance, but I know that is just a concept car gimmick. The back end of the car is really sharp, and it would be great if they integrate a hatch here. Good choice in wheel design too, nice turbine effect. My only objection to the front of the car, is the elongated, Audi-like grill. Keep it at the same depth as the headlights, and there will be a nice streamlined look. Great job Saab!

  4. I don’t want to be a curmudgeon but i wish Saab had spent the time, effort and money on something such as a 3 door, full bore hatchback version of the 9-3. A true Saab classic the lack of which is daily costing them sales. The images shown since that appalling first one are surely better but to me Saab are barking up the wrong tree here and it’s not as if their cash coffers are exactly overflowing.

  5. Another thought and one that you’ll know about Swade. Remember what the unveiling of the first Monaro concept did for the image of the humble Commodore back in (what?) 2000? Imagine a 3 door 9-5 with a slightly lowered roofline and sportier profile. Get Saab and Hirsch to work on the V6 donk under the bonnet, tune the suspension and put a bloody big SAAB TURBO badge on the boot and for a fraction of the cost of the above concept you’ve got a hero model that actually has a direct link to current production models. Apart from maybe half a dozen sales taken away by folks buying the three door over the four or five i reckon all your customers for the 9-5 and the aforementioned 9-3 stonking hatch would be new ones from other brands.

    Tell me i’m dreaming. Practical, usefull concepts based on curent models. Nah…

  6. TuuSaR, I thought exactly the same thing. This model is obviously from the same family of sketches from Mauer as the 9x. They can’t re-concept that one again, so do another one from the family.

    The body shape and interior styling are all reminiscent of the 9x.

    Looks great to me. Bring it on (although the 9x has a bit more utility to it). Bring ’em both on I say.

  7. It appears that there are paddles behind the steering wheel for shifting, Ryan.

    That weird gizmo where a traditional gear shift would be is some sort of flip-up cover for the ignition key, I’m guessing.

  8. i found the basis of the Aero-X

    look here:

    this is called GM Saturn Curve (march 2oo4)

    Look at the mirror, the long front, the position of the lights, the big front fender…. sorry guys, but the Aero-X ist not new…..

    GM makes always a show:
    Opel GT = Saturn Sky, Pontiace Soltice
    Chevrolet S3X = Chevrolet Captiva, Opel Antara
    GM-Saturn Curve (march 2oo4!!!!!!!) = Saab Aero X (march 2006!!!!!) ,…. ???

    now it’s boring….

  9. I was negative when I first saw the renderings, but its slightly growing on me. There are some nice subtle touches in the design and the overall proportions are also quite nice…

  10. eggsngrits, i love the 3-spokes on the aero-x.

    swade, thanks for the new pics!

    i still like the concept. the back of car is wonderful. i wish the front, though, had a “clam-shell” bonnet and a smaller wheel arch area; both would make it more, “saab,” and less, “gm.” (it’s too “wavy.”)

    the interior is gorgeous. …not sure why the start button is housed in something that big, but certainly one can’t miss it.

    i can see that gm won’t make production of this car. the doors, the non-folding side mirrors, the white seats, and the inevitable $100k-$150k sticker price, all say, “no.” i’ll still enjoy it anyway, like its older siblings, 9-x and 9-3x.

  11. saab9X: good guess that that’s a start button in that console assembly. I’m guessing that it’s one of those things where you have to either push a button to flip up or lift up the cover with your finger to push the start button, like in the movies when someone’s going to launch a missile. It’s a “safety cover” for the button I’ll bet.

    Just more for that aeronautical theme. I guess we’re lucky they didn’t make it “drive by wire” and controlled by a joystick! ;-0

  12. First Impression???? Fully AAAAstounding,Powerful,Ellegantly charming with a touch of unbeleivably cool….Infact….Nothing compares to you (aero X). “We” endorse you 150%…..Award winning a must. Thank you for the pleasure and experience saab…………..regards jason and erana.

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