First Aero-X pic

Once again, the curse of being asleep whilst Europe is awake strikes here at Trollhattan.

The first pic of the Aero-X has landed via the Geneva Motor Show website. Thanks to SaabKen for the heads-up.

Click to enlarge a little.

Here are the details we’ve been able to ascertain about the car so far:

1. Vehicle name: Aero-X

2. Unveiling: Feb 27 at 5pm in a special event prior to the Geneva Motor Show

3. The car is purely a design concept, intended to give focus to Saab’s future design direction. It’s said to point towards the Sonett of the past and Saab’s aviation heritage in general and is based on a unique platform not currently in production.

4. The car will feature a 3 litre V6 (unverified) fitted with Biopower bits and twin turbo. The Saab press release mentions 400hp.

5. The ‘X’ designation, combined with the hefty horsepower indicates that AWD will be fitted.

6. The 2-door coupe body is reported to be around the size of an Aston Martin DB9 and features either upward tilting or sliding doors. A journo from Popular Mechanics who saw the sketches said “The front doors and the cockpit glass are connected and tilt forward in one big unit.”

7. The concept may possibly go into production on a shortened Epsilon II platform depending on public reaction.


This looks like a CGI to me rather than a genuine photograph of the car. Still, it’s apparently what we’re going to see in the next few days. I’d love to see some side-on and rear shots of the car. A closer look reveals a sloping back on the car (look through the windscreen) somewhat reminiscent of the Sonett II. I’m not sure about those big front air-dams. But that’s just me.

My first impression was a little underwhelming, but it’s growing on me and given that it’s just a concept, I think there’s plenty of production potential there.

So, whaddaya think? Hot or Not?

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  1. Not hot.

    To be honest it has a comic book look of the 9-X on steroids.

    At the moment im really not ‘feeling it’ at all, and im a little dissapointed.

    It just screams ‘american muscle car’, which ive nothing against them – but not from Saab.

    Hope it has some innovation features that will make it to production though.

  2. Well this is supposed to be a sports two-seeter and in that light it looks great.
    It looks like it could eat up the road in front of it and I like that ‘feel’ of power.
    Wether it is a ‘SAAB’ I don’t know but just remember that nither of Sonnets did’t look like Saab.
    Instead they were about sports car and I say it again, in that light Aero-X looks very fresh to me and I have to say that I like it.
    Of course my final judgment will come when it settles down a bit in my head.

  3. Well…
    It´s a 2 seater, it´s a sport thing and it have something that gives me a reaktion. I havn´t decided if it´s a positive one yet…Now arguing with myself..

    I’m thinking, a brutal car from SAAB is´t doing it for me. But this look is not ONLY brutal.
    * It has a 3 port grille (in some way)
    * The door mirrors is…well not brutal anyway!
    * The air intake low in the front looks a bit like corvette…sort of brutal, right!?!
    * The wheels…ha, ha…IS BRUTAL!!!!

    The front and the front window configuration is pure SAAB. The c900/90/99 valved window is back!
    A bit lower front would give the car more of “sonett” felleing. But is that waht we all want?. This is not a sonett, so way would we want it to look like one?

    Can we call this a hatchback?
    I suppose we can. Not sure thou…

    Well, I have decided! I can get used to this look in my drive way! No, let me refrase that…
    I want one of thouse in my drive way!

  4. After few minutes of heavy thinking and trying to imagine to drive one I like it even more.
    Now I’m realy considering to go to Geneva to see the car in ‘the flesh’. It is something that I would definitely drive and would be very proud of.

    P.S. damn, I just noticed that I misspelled sonett in my previous post.

  5. It’s a concept…

    Keep the front – it looks more resolved than the present 9-5. Pull the windscreen forward, raise the roof, give it 4 doors and normal alloys, etc. Next 9-5?

  6. I’m torn.

    I think that the body contours may be a bit too busy to make it look like a true Saab, so I guess that I agree with jwlanky and matti.

    However, this is a concept car, and I suppose that role includes ‘over the top’ styling with the understanding that real-world mnufacturing practices and cost constraints will remove some of the elements when the car goes into production. From that standpoint, I like it. It pushes the edges of the envelope enough to insure that the final car won’t be a re-badged Corvette or Solstice. So, take a deep breath, think about some deep three-spoke wheels instead of those quasi-turbine abominations and picture the car with a smoother skin and you’ll have a better idea of the potential of this design.

    As far as wanting one in my driveway, it’s irrelevant to me. At 6’5″ (196cm) tall, I’ll never own one if that roofline holds!

  7. Does not look like a SAAB to me. I have to say that I am very disappointed. What happened to the 9x! That was a concept that screamed SAAB. This just screams “look at me” or “I’m an american muscle car.”

    The thing about SAAB is that they were different and functional. That was what was so great about the 9x. This concept looks similar to many two door concepts I have seen recently and it is totally impractical.

    GIVE ME THE 9x!!!

  8. ***yawn***
    Question: what has the midsection of a 1970’s Corvette, the rear-end of a Plymouth Prowler, and an even uglier nose than the 2006 9-5?
    Answer: See picture above.
    I’d like to be excited about what I see “coming down the road” for Saab… and as a six-time owner since 1979, this is really doing nothing for me at all–it’s on par with the debut of the 9000CD.
    I hope that the design crew can give me something that says both “excitement” and “I’m a Saab”. Soon.

  9. I suspect that this will be a big hit with car enthusiasts who are not Saab fanatics. Yes, it looks a little big and brutish for a Saab, but it looks good, and may spark some interest.

  10. A touch of the BMW 6 series. Certainly interesting and a new direction for SAAB in many ways. Heres hoping that somehow Saab survives long enough to see this “design language” come through.

  11. My feelings?
    Seriously disappointed–agree with jwlanky, Matti, Johnny Aero, M, Krig Gustafson.
    Did the Camaro concept team help with this?
    Guess I’m going to just keep looking for a Sonett II.

  12. I have to agree that the design of this car looks ‘too busy’. The beauty and appeal of Michael Mauer’s Saab 9-X concept was the innovative cross-functionality of the car and it’s simple, clean design.

    Until Michael Mauer’s departure, you could trace the Saab design DNA and how it evolved right back from 1948 and the UrSaab. Of course, Michael went off to Porsche where you don’t have to think too hard about design evolution 😉 (Only kidding – he’s a great designer – the best perhaps after Sixten Sason who was one of the all time great industrial artists)

    This car does look, on first impressions, to be more American than European or Scandinavian. I think that Saab’s ‘design language’ has been lost in the interpretation from Swedish to American – to say that the 2006 Saab 9-5 was inspired by Michael Mauer’s 9-X concept is to say that they have completely missed the direction in which Mauer was going with the 9-X and 9-3X concepts.

    Just had another look at the picture. From that angle there is nothing that says innovation about this car. The design is incoherent. It appears to be a melting pot of different designs. Nice alloys, though.

  13. It appears to me that six years after the full-ownership takeover of SAAB by GM, they still don’t know what SAAB is about. A 400 hp twin-turbo? No. Functionality and fun. The functionality of SAABs have all but been designed out and in their push to compete with other European luxury brands they’re “emulating” rather than “innovating”. The only thing good I can say after looking at the picture of that abomination above is at least they did something different and made a concept car in a color other than black or silver. It appears this one is white, which would fit nicely because the 1984 prototype SPG (or “Aero” outside the U.S.) C900 was white. Unless it’s silver and just looks white in the picture, in which case I can’t say ANYTHING nice about this concept at all.

  14. The design in a “Big Picture” vantage point, is “BUSY”, just a bit too many kinks” on the longitudinal span from front to rear.

    The Wheels are reminiscent of the 1940’s, 1950’s with the LVL or steel propeller-like wheels, but there is something about the concept as a whole, specifically the rear-view mirrors that make the “front” end more American like. I think the scoop on the bottom of the front of the car spells out “American” hungry for for energy, and less modest/minimialist.

    Areas of correction needed.

    A) The below/bumber area needs to be toned down some.

    B) the mirrors need to be holding their own.

    C) The side panels with the door integration with the kickpanels need to be smoother lines andl ess busy.

    Then we’d see more Scandinavian design roots here, more modest, and sleek looking.

    – R (Wash, D.C.)

  15. Bleh. I was hoping for more, like all the rest of you. The headlights themselves look a lot like the ones on the Chrysler Crossfire. One thing I AM happy about is the fact that they are using ethanol in the concept, with 400 HP. Do you all remember the last 3 liter engine? 200 HP? Im glad Saab is trying twin-turbos with Biopower.

  16. Is this real or a fake put out by someone to divert attention away from the real thing. I am kinda hoping the latter of the two as this car does nothing for me one bit. As has been pointed out where is the Saab DNA? Ditch that butt friggin ugly grill as it is offensive! If this IS the real thing I can only assume even Swedes have forgotten what a Saab is supposed to look like, what a total waste of money 🙁 ! Hmmm BMW is beginning to look way more interesting to me now I have seen this.

    Sum it up in one word : DISGUSTED!!

  17. I think the car is cool. I would enlarge the lights and minimize the air dams.
    But, purist, please remember this is supposed to be a sports car – a bruiser not a luxo cruiser.
    Saab needs something that would bring attention to it.
    Most people do not drive these types of cars but, if I see something cool from a brand i naturally want to see what else they have. Plus, if one vehicle is cool it lends coolness to the brand.
    Make it GM. I am a Saab owner GM… make it!

  18. I love this car. It reminds me instantly of the sonnet and where had they not stopped where they would be today. I have always been reminded of a vetter crossed with a viper but more unique when looking at the sonnet 2 and 3 so this sits perfect to me. I want this car in production the way it is. Thats my 2 cents

  19. Well, it’s nearing 1 AM Eastern U.S. time and I’m up late after leaving my 9-5 Aero overnight at the shop for its 55,000 mile check up. On a whim I chose “Trollhattan” and spotted the surprise photo and, yikes, 22 comments! Like SWade, I was underwhelmed by the design. I read quickly through the overwhelmingly negative comments, scrolled back up to the car, and — oh-oh — was even more underwhelmed. Not that I find the vehicle unattractive. I was simply expecting something that reminded me of my favorite car look of all time, the Sonett III, which I don’t get from the 9x at all. Instead, I see a Swedish Corvette that’s an improvement over the Chevrolet. Big deal. I had a bad feeling when SWade revealed last week the car would be the work of a GM designer. While not Swedish, Mauer understood the uniqueness of Swedish design, which can fill several levels of college courses. The Aero-X’s GM designer overlooked how SAABs up to now followed Swedish design with function dictating form. Granted, Sonetts II and III were Italian designed but within those cars’ stylishness was a lot of function; e.g., note the Sonett III door handles. So, because I don’t hate the Aero-X yet am disappointed, I can say I agree with all the above comments. But the comment that rings most true for me is Gripen’s remark that “they (GM) still don’t know what SAAB is about.” I expect a ho-hum reaction from the motoring press, no friend to SAAB as it is.

  20. I’ve posted the photo on 2 forums in Sweden and the overall reaction is thumbs up. On the largest saab forum in sweden (saab turbo club of sweden) the reaction was very positive. Most people reacting positive on the largest autoforum ( were not previous saab owners. This I think is a very good sign…

  21. hmm….

    the first fast view – ok, it’s a saab and we know now the new future design. But we know that from the actually 9-5, 93x and 9x.
    but if i want, i can’t buy this Aero-X…
    but i want buy the 93X.
    where is it?? with this car, saab CAN earn money. that should be the main target for their future. not muscle cars like these Aero-X

    Build these 93X – NOW!

  22. Well ive slept on it (dreaming of Smokey & the bandits for some reason), and im even more dissapointed.

    Im just hoping it was a rush job for Saab to showcase the 400bhp biopower unit purely targeted at their largest potential market – the ‘US’, and get a WOW factor response, which im sure they will – but not from anyone who remotely knows or cares anything about Saab.

    Saabs design to me should be form follows function, sleek understated (sexy) designs – and the Aero-x doesnt tick any of those boxes in my eyes -far, far from it.

    I hope this is Aero-X is pre-Geneva decoy and they unveil a DB9-esque DB9 sized car!

  23. Where’s the “hockeystick”? it will be no saab without the hockeystick, also the 3-port grille its its,,, its not there damn it. the middle port needs to tone down a bit or the headlightports increase in size.
    to me this looks like a merc SLR, by the way the SLR is ugly.
    this is what happens when you get an american to do a sweeds job, im well aware that most saabs arent desingd by sweedes. Mauer and Lo have at least found the DNA and tuned it right.
    this guy Nesbitt he grabbed Mauers last sketch and americanized it. i want to see mauers version of the AeroX.

    please saab hide this monster in the deep forests of trollhättan!

  24. After the rather lacklustre facelift of the 9-5 i was really hoping for something positive and exciting for this concept. We get an American muscle car. Add me to the dissapointed list.

  25. yeah no panic people

    Its a concept, that has multiple purposes, one is to gauge feelings of people.

    Front airdams are too big, unless they cool oil flow or something. But thats quite irrelevant as this is not production model.

    2)It was told pretty much from day one that this is NEW design theme of Saab, and then people say that it wont look like old Saab’s.

    Go figure… 😀

    It has “Äräräräärr” angry grill like topgear’s Jeremy would say.

    That’s the fashion of the near term future.

  26. I like were they are going with the grille and the lamps – that could really work in production cars.

    But we need to see the car in a real environment and from a different angle and with less reflections – it might be less busy than we think.

  27. Come on guys!

    This is a concept car and not a actual model…
    I think this is a creative start for something new because maybe this is what Saab needs in order to establish the same economical environment as in earlier years.
    I just want to say that I think this is “the” way to go, because Saab will not last at this moment with the classic Saab look.

  28. Hey. I just want to say that I like this car… and I belive there is a lot of people here that doesnt know a shit of what they are talking about…

    // Larsson

    —-> Swade here: everyone’s opinion carries an equal vote around here. Agree to disagree, people. Diverging opinions are what keep thing interesting, but I’d rather not see a flame war develop around here. Don’t make me go all Scott Patterson on your ass!

  29. The “new design theme” appears to bee right in line with the previous 9-2x, 9-7x and somewhat the newly upgraded 9-5, simply another Saab front style that can be fitted on whatever car there is in the GM range.

    Aero-X? I would name it SCC “Saab Camaro Concept” because it is what the Aero-X speaks. No form follows function or innovative design, just plain Neanderthal “American muscle car”.

  30. The concept I see here is the Bob Lutz’s design philosophy of what makes Saab a Saab. The ignition key is in centerconsole. Otherwise I see an American muscle car, which are mostly arrogant looking compared to European decorous and chic look. Is Saab an American or European car?

  31. It’s only a concept! Really. Gotta love the passion here, but everyone needs to realize that it’s just an exercise in design as to where SAAB MIGHT go, not necessarily where it IS going.

    I personally have some mixed feelings about it myself, but think it won’t be close in final appearance to a Corvette or Camaro if it’s Epsilon II-based. That platform (current 9-3) is simply too short for that – even in an extended version. This looks longer because of the perspective, the angle, it’s shown at.

    I have fond memories of riding in my uncle’s Sonett III as a teenager, and I think this is about as much a departure from the current range as that one was from the 99 in the mid-70s. I can’t wait till Monday to see real photos from other angles.

  32. I think that it is ok/nice.
    If you are an American then you will probably Love it. I think it is ok -but not a Saab. Is there anyone at GM who really has a clue?

    If I had any money then I would buy Disney and then make Mickey Mouse a Rat. Then I would buy macdonalds and change all the French Fry’s to American Fry’s and move World HQ to Paris and then I would buy the Simpsons Production team and Make Bart Simpson a Mexican and then our American Cousins would then just begin to understand how alot of people feel about what they are doing with Saab – as they just do not have a clue!

    Saab for years has always wowed me – now they just make me yawn! Sorry!

  33. Reminds me of the Saturn Curve concept with a Saab front clip tacked on. I hope this shape finally makes it to production this time.

  34. ‘Don’t make me go Scott Patterson on your ass!’

    I – can’t – catch – my – breath – still – laughing – too – hard – please – make – it – stop!

    Sunroof? On that thing it had better be a targa top. Then I will consider it.

  35. In a venue like Geneva there is no such thing as “only a concept” or “only an excercise”, especially not from a brand that has shown us like 3 concept cars (and as many new production cars) in 20 years.

    This is market communication; this is a statement and a question: “THIS IS SAAB AS SAAB SEES SAAB IN THE FUTURE – DO YOU LIKE IT?”

    “Only concepts” and “just exercises” don’t leave the design department. This car has reached Geneva. Think about it.

  36. Think for a minute people. Who would a car like this be aimed at? Traditional Saab buyers?

    Of course not, they are not the people who buy this sort of car, at least not from Saab…

    It’s aimed at a new market for Saab, one that Saab does not compete in today, so applying traditional Saab buyer values to it is not actually that relevant.

    It’s interesting that there appears a good reaction from non-Saab drivers. To me, that means the car is already a successful concept. It can potentially widen the appeal of the brand and get people who may not have previously considered a staid, boring Saab, to think about it. It could also get them into the showrooms!

    Personally from the other pics I have seen, it has enough Saabness about it for me, especially the Sonett III theme to the rear panel. The front is a far better take on current Saab styling than the M06 9-5, to me.

    I am more interested in what Saab engineering has gone into it than what it looks like however – there was little to link the 99’s styling with previous Saabs, and little to link that of the 9000 either. (So it had a hatchback, so what?) Few of us would argue that those cars were not true Saabs…

    So long as this one turns into a truly Saab-engineered production car, I will be happy.

  37. “This looks like a CGI to me rather than a genuine photograph of the car.”

    Almost all commercial ‘photos’ of Saab models are actually renders 🙂

  38. I’m no design major, but to me this concept looks like SAAB’s future design direction is emulation of BMW. The angles on this car look like BMW’s or Cadillac’s “Art and Science” design ethos. So rather than find what makes Swedish design what it is and unique, they have chosen to go with the latest fashion trend.

    SAAB’s “three hole” grill is becoming less and less prominent with every new design cycle. Mauer reduced it by making the outside holes part of the headlamp assembly and less prominent, and now Nesbitt is making it even less prominent. What’s next, one big hole in the middle?

    Mauer’s designs at the time were unfavorably commented on by many SAAB afficianados, but I think that Nesbitt may make Mauer look like a traditionalist.

    The only elements on this car that I can remotely see as “SAAB” are the (somewhat) three-hole grill and the wraparound windows which taper at the rear.

    Someone mentioned here in comments that the Sonett didn’t look much like a traditional SAAB either, but nobody said at the time that the Sonett would showcase the future design direction for SAAB.

    This thing looks to me (admittedly from only one angle available) like a Chrysler Crossfire with a SAAB grill grafted onto the front. I guess I’m not the only one, because someone else here in comments said s/he thought that it looks like the Mercedes that the Crossfire is based-on.

    This has been a purely design-based concept, with little chance of actually going into production, IMHO. However, I’m bothered to think that SAAB is wasting its time with weird high-powered two-seaters rather than sticking to the coupes and sedans they know, or the SUVs they’re working on. I would have rather seen another 9-3 or even 9-5 based concept with the new engine and design cues. I don’t think that beyond a niche audience they’d sell a lot of Aero-X models should they go into production, regardless of price. Where’s the market?

    I know some are going to point out that SAAB produced another “weird two-seater” in the Sonett, which is beloved by many to this day. But in today’s world how many Sonetts would SAAB really sell? I don’t think they sold an extraordinary quantity of them the first time around when odd two-seaters were all the rage.

  39. By the way, I’m not a super-patriot or anything and I certainly don’t agree with the current American political administration. However the insults to Americans in the comments here are unwarranted, IMHO. I’m American and I don’t like this new design direction for SAAB one bit. And I don’t like American “muscle cars” either. It’s not ALL Americans’ faults that SAAB has gone this direction since GM bought it.

    The problem is that instead of allowing Swedes in the new SAAB Design Center (or whatever it’s called) design the Aero-X they handed the reigns over to the guy who designed the Chrysler PT Cruiser and the Chevrolet HHT. What did they expect? Swedish design? Nah. They wanted something that would sell as many cars as Nesbitt’s other novelty designs have sold.

    So please, stop with the blanket stereotypical American-bashing statements. There ARE sensible Americans out here. We just all live in California. ;-P

  40. Gripen said: “But in today’s world how many Sonetts would SAAB really sell? I don’t think they sold an extraordinary quantity of them the first time around when odd two-seaters were all the rage.”

    Hi Gripen. All you need to do is look at the Lotus Elise and Exige to see the following that has. Then look at the Lotus with a Vauxhall/Opel design on it. It’s the Vauxhall VX220 / Opel Speedster.

    Lotus has an absolutely HUGE following here in the UK and the following for the VX220 it pretty enthusiastic aswell.

    GM missed a trick. The VX220 / Speedster could have been a Lotus (or a Proton!) wearing a Saab dress and could have been the Sonett ‘halo’ model that Saab has so desperately needed for five years or more.

    Odd two-seaters are still the rage 😉

  41. Taking /john’s comments into consideration, I agree that the Lotus and its variants is an exciting car. I see them a lot here in L.A. even. But how many of these SAAB’s could GM sell? Enough to make a profit?

    The reason the Lotus is so popular is that it’s basically a track car that’s street legal. The handling makes it what it is.

    Could this SAAB’s handling equal, or even come near that of the Lotus? I’m guessing we’ll never know because I’m SURE this concept will never reach the production phase. And I doubt GM will be forced to even allow anyone to actually DRIVE this concept. They might as well have said that when you reach 88 mph it goes back in time due to the integral flux capacitor. Just like the 400 hp claim, nobody’s going to get the chance to prove them exaggerating.

    SAAB should allow some unbiased journalists to take this concept for a spin on the Nurburgring or something.

  42. what will saab say with these car except the competence in biopower?

    that they can build a second corvette?
    and where is the new design? the front? surely not. we all know that from the 93x an 9x. the lightband at the end? may be. and? sorry. in german you would say “Schade um die Zeit” or “you spend time for nothing”.

    i agree with 1985 Gripen “SAAB’s “three hole” grill is becoming less and less prominent with every new design cycle. Mauer reduced it by making the outside holes part of the headlamp assembly and less prominent, and now Nesbitt is making it even less prominent. What’s next, one big hole in the middle?”
    Hmm.. Yes, THEN i would call this car Audi or Volkswagen

    i agree also with Fliptop “Who would a car like this be aimed at? Traditional Saab buyers? Of course not, they are not the people who buy this sort of car, at least not from Saab…”
    You are right Fliptop, but they can’t earn money or survival with an Aero-X.

    saab need NOW, more models.
    it sounds hard, but it is true….
    and not new models in 2010 or later…
    this is a to long long period of time….

    take a look to smart, very bad financials… roadster -> cancelled, formore -> cancelled…. the next step? mercedes will sell them when the have no more red financials…
    and this could also happen with saab….

    to GM: make it swedish, and not US-style.
    we know that from you. for example the former GM old-fashined astra, vectra, sintra,…..and their very bad quality….—> summery: falling sales figures
    now? german Opel-Designed Astra, Zafira?? increasing sales figures
    thats it!!!!!

    do it again – WITH SWEDISH-STYLED SAABs

  43. Here at the Saab Owners Club, we prefer original to ostentatious; we prefer beige to bling.

    Beryl says that the youths think it is a great design, but we think they hang around too many street corners and are off the rails.

    It’s good to see that Saab has returned to their hatchback format, but we feel that this is a backward step from the brown 99 Combi coupe that we own. How on earth would we fit our tartan picnic rug and our Werthers Originals through that hatch? And where are the industrial size impact absorbing rubber bumpers?

    We would really like a new Saab but this one sadly lacks adequate anchorage for a Brink Swan-Neck with twin electrics. We think it is likely to be too-small to tow our two-tonne fibreglass house.

    We’ll see what Kev and Bev think about this ruffian of a design when we meet them for a damp weekend in Scunthorpe.

  44. Tthe main idea of a concept is to get people interested and talking about a brand, and every so often a styling cue will make it down to a mainstream model a few years later… for that criteria, it’s working perfectly a week before it’s official launch…..
    Lets not forget.. this is purely a concept vehicle.

  45. the first image (with the black background) left me disgusted, because it looks like a corvette with a new version of a saab grill.

    but after seeing the images (with the white background), i’m excited about the concept. the lines are _much_ better, and much more cohesive than in the first pic. (i’m a “hater” no more.)

    i must see actual photos of this car to be sure, but i think it’ll turn a lot of heads, garner an award, or two, and make great strides towards putting saab back on the “map.”

    i see its lineage, as well as a _natural_ progression, the more i look at it.

    i just noticed how the rear lighting area is like the 9-x’s in terms of being one long “bar,” except the aero’s is thinner and non-retangular. like the 9-x, its design is nicely executed with the car’s other features.

    gm would be foolish for not making this car. i’d like to put one in my garage every night.

    i loved the 9-x. i’m glad the aero-x certainly isn’t a “letdown.”

  46. Holy cow…if this one goes to production i realy must have one…
    If Saabs own engeneers will construct the powersours on that beast
    And its well build like the early 202 2.0 (engien bad spelled)
    also an ide is to have all consols made in magnesium aloy (weight redusing)
    and also the rims
    And Pleae no Gm junk under the hood on a beuty like that

  47. For the first time in my entire life I’m actually interested in a Saab. No offense to anyone but all previous Saab’s look like crap too bubbly to short of a wheel base the front on most Saab looks like it was put together using a Lego set. Finally this Saab points Saab in a new direction. The cock pit design is what everyone dreams of as a kid. I would definately buy this car if it ever came into production. The rear end could use a bit of work from other photo’s I’ve seen but other then that they’ve taken 30 steps in the right direction.

  48. Wow
    (first impression)
    but more something for a teenage-boy-room-poster
    Well, nice seventies-nova-feature to get into the car.
    Anyway, saab should get the 9-3X and 9X concepts into production instead of these V8 “trailblaizers-X” and “saabvettes”

  49. Being born in Trollhattan where we make the SAAB cars and the Jet Engines for SAAB JAS Gripen along with Ariane rocketengines I am real proud to see this concept car.

    It looks like finally SAAB can live up to its slogan “Built from Jets”!

    Looking good folks keep up the good work! Lets pump up those turbos and blow the doors off the competition. I sure hope the folks at GM in Detroit will be “Turbolovers” from now on.

    There is a substitute for cubic inches : )

  50. That is SICK!! I dont think that people would say anything negative about this car if one was handed to them.. It is awesome..

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