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Gotta be quick – final day of boring professional development course starting in 27 minutes….


In addition to the 34% increase in US sales, Saab had a 31% rise in Canadian sales, led once again by the 9-3.  UK sales data, if they’re following their usual slow reporting, should be available in the next 48 hours (saying that is the surest way to it being released sooner…).


Automotive News’ Ed Lapham has his daily editorial and today it’s about Saab.  It says nothing at all, but it’s here if you want to read it. 


If Long Islanders read the Long Island Press, then expect to see a lot more 9-7x’s out that way (I think one of my favourite authors – Nelson DeMille – lives out there).  Greg Zyla has reviewed the 9-7x and it almost sounds as if his brother is the local Saab dealer.  Very enthused.

The Saab’s cabin is exquisite and very comfortable….As for roominess, Saab delivers, as the cabin receives an A-plus….

….On the road, expect the 9-7X to handle like a well-built upper-class SUV—not too soft, not too harsh…..

….The safety and standard feature list is huge, so let’s sum it up this way: What you pay extra for on other SUVs comes standard on the 9-7X….


I drive the new 9-3 Aero with the V6 tomorrow morning.  I feel like a kid on Christmas eve…


Received via comments this morning: As I’m eating lunch, I’m watch President Bush talk about the future of ethanol gas in the US. It’s been stated many time here, but Saab needs to emphasize this in their marketing. What an opportunity for Saab.


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  1. Hello!

    Some comments from Saab that Januray is the best month globaly (january) ever. With total sales of 9 436, in Europe 6 589 units were sold wich is an increas of 30 percent compared with 2005.

  2. In addition to my last comment about GW’s speech concerning alternative fuels… he referred to the Brazilians and their Biofuel (sugar). Guess who is producing cars to run on the sugar biofuel???


    Time to step it up in the US. Saab should be running commericals about how they are developing technology to reduce the US’s dependence on Mideast oil.

    Follow this link to read a Washington Post article about Brazil’s Biofuel.

    Intereting quote… “4 million flexible-fuel cars on U.S. roads out of more than 200 million.” I’m aware this is due to the availibility of ethanol gas, but what a market this could be for Saab. I used to believe Saab was dead… but I see a revival in the future if they develop a great business strategy.

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