Friday Snippets

I’m on house cleaning duty today. Tomorrow we have our first open-for-inspection in our efforts to sell up and live with a view. Walls to paint, windows to clean. You know the drill. Grrrrr.


Last time I covered a writeup by the Lienerts (Detroit News) I bagged the daylights out of them for writing such drivel. It would therefore be a little hypocritical of me to praise their latest effort just because they find the 9-7x to be better value for money, than the Volvo XC90. By all recent accounts (and there’s been a bunch of ’em – check the Feb 2006 archive), the 9-7x is a great SUV and is a vast improvement over its GM siblings. ’nuff said.

Cars! Cars! Cars! actually has a great review of this review.


Thanks to JWV for this screenshot from the latest 9-5 ad in the USA. Love the ad. Would love a 1024×768 version of this:

9-5 jet versus car.jpg


The greatest game the world has ever known, Australian Rules Football, starts its 2006 preseason series tonight. Welcome back footy. It’s been way too long.

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  1. I have 1,245 channels on my cable box, and with so many channels to fill I have, on occasion been given the opportunity to watch a few matches of Australian Rules Football and I fairly certain that there are in fact no rules.

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