January 2006 US Sales Data

The US sales data for January 2006 has arrived and I think it’ll be a surprise to some.  Many analysts were predicted continued slumping sales but Saab has started the year off with 2,196 units sold.  This is a 21% drop from December 2005, however it is a 34% gain on the same time 1 year ago.

Good stock levels?  Born From Jets taking hold?  Pricing?  Could be all three, but I think the new ads are finding an audience and are at least partially responsible for this.  All thoughts welcome in comments, as always.

Individual models sold were as follows:

Saab 9-2x – 50 sales (Jan 05 – 205)

Saab 9-3 – 1,541 sales (Jan 05 – 1,139)

Saab 9-5 – 220 sales (Jan 05 – 294)

Saab 9-7x – 385 sales (Jan 05 – n/a)

9-5 sales are still somewhat puzzling and very disappointing to me.  It’s my understanding that the 9-5 may get a new advertising push in the next few months.  Let’s hope that’s the case as the 9-5 is too good a car to be passed over.

Myself, I think congratulations are in order, so onwards and upwards SaabUSA!

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  1. I think a better explanation would be the fact the ’06 9-5 is HIDEOUS and looks like a European Chevy Impala! You could put four-wheel drive, a 300bhp twin turbo V6 in it and sell it for the price of the current car and it would still not sell – that is truly how ugly this car is. So glad Michael Mauer went to Porsche, good riddance!

    Sorry guys, I will never look at a 9-5 ever again. Hopefully the styling disaster that is the ’06 model will be quickly rectified when the new 9-5 is out in a few years time.

    Glad to see the 9-3 is selling well, that SportCombi is drop-dead gorgeous with its classy looks!

  2. I have been trying to buy (lease) a 9-5 combi for about a month now. There are 4 dealers in the Philly area where I live. They have had a total of five 9-5’s between them, 4 of which are now sold. The reason for the slow sales is simply no product.
    The car is attractive in a light color and has a much more appealing interior. It will make a good replacement for my 2004 linear wagon.

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