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But of course, it’s Superbowl Sunday in the US. Given the fact that I’ve visited there and all my inlaws live just a few hours away, I’ll be cheering for Seattle. Go Seahawks!!


For Aussie readers, there’s a new Australian review of the V6 9-3 Sport Sedan at Carsguide. It’s an odd thing. The guy rattles on about European soccer for waaaay too long and then gives the car what I think is a decent writeup, though it seems thoroughly dispassionate to me. Just my opinion.


Seeing that the press releases have been published, I assume that UK sales of the 9-5 Biopower are now underway. It’s a good thing, though mainly symbolic at this stage, as there’s virtually nowhere in the UK where you can fill up on e85 at this point. But the commitment is there, with Saab participating in the BEST program to test the sustainability of ethanol.

There’s still no word on UK sales from my usual source. Bleedin’ poms!! I guess they must have sold so many that it’s taking a long time to count them….


Many of you would have seen some photos on this site taken by a mate of mine, Stu the lens genius (my name for him – he’s far too modest). Well, after much prodding, Stu has finally started up his own site. It’s a preliminary investigation before he sets up a proper one, which will focus on Tasmanian location photography, but it’s worth a peek if you enjoy beautiful imagemaking. Check it out at Stuartphotography. Unfortunately comments aren’t working at the moment, but enjoy the images anyway.

Bridport Jetty.jpg


I’ve received several exhortations from people saying that I MUST drive a 9-5 Aero for a test similar to the 9-3 Aero test on the weekend. Believe me, I’m trying, but 9-5 Aero’s aren’t that easy to come by in these parts. Will keep y’all posted.

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  1. Not just dispassionate but the same old blues: non complementary and in sharp contrast to what is written elsewhere. The best is the statement “Not bad in isolation, but rather steep when the same dough can get you into a German sedan. Or a fast, top-end Soob or Mazda, with about 20 grand change”. To my knowledge with around A$50K you’ll be lucky to buy a WRX, some Liberty & a Mazda 6, nothing more. Why don’t they compare this to the new IS250 Lexus ? You won’t have the $20K change of course, you will run out of money !!! It goes further to state that yet again of getting a “German sedan” for that money too. I wonder what model Audi, BMW or Merc can compete with the 9-3 Aero at the same price and performance since I’ll be very interested in those options. Can the journo in question tell us please ??? This editorial will once again have a clear adverse effect in the local scene. How can this be changed ??? Please comment…

  2. Joe, you’re right. I don’t have time to do all the price and spec checks, but my guess is that you wouldn’t get into a six cylinder Bimmer with the same amount of go or equipment for the same price. It’s fairly easy for the journo to write though, and given the way they all drool over the Germans, who’s going to question him except us?

  3. To beat the Aero in terms of spec and performance by the numbers, you have to go all the way up to a BMW 330i. The cost? $98,000 as opposed to the Saab’s $72,400.

    The 325i is similarly priced, but loses out to the Saab in all categories.

    But try telling the journos that….

  4. That is the real challenge we have locally which in places like the UK is the real opposite. The journos in the UK can not pray enough for Saab, hence the record sales they are achieving. We really need to think of something at local level since the brand is doing not well and will not improve if these kinds of editorial are being thrown around especially when something as good as the new 9-3 is born. I am now reading in your review how good everyone thinks the 9-5 Aero is and when you read the press that car should have ceased production long ago since it is out of date by the local press standards. Is there a way to challenge these journos ?? Let me know and I am in it. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Call me crazy but I cant see that a journalist who has a car for maybe a few days can appreciate any car for what it actually is… And in my opionon a car journalist also has a pretty “skewed” perception of reality..

    When I buy a car I dont find a pair or three cars that I like and then choose the best. I look in my bank account and find out what my max price is, what monthly cost can I live with and from that I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to what I can buy. I bought a used car this summer and the choise was between a 2003 VW Passat 1.8t Variant and a 2001 Saab 9-5 Combi… I chose the Passat… I would have loved to have a 9-5 but in this case a 9-5 comparable to the Passat would have cost me too much… it’s as simple as that…at least for me.

  6. All true Matts and another strong selling point of all Saabs: “if your budget can not allow you to indulge in more expensive badges with a lot less content, Saab cars offer incredible value for money.” Couldn’t that be written without too much effort ???

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