The Pope is catholic.

Bears relieve themselves in the woods.

And Saab laments the lack of AWD.

Jan-Ake Jonsson was recently in Australia (why didn’t he call?!) and had a few quick words with the Fairfax Press’ Drive section.

Jan-Ake Jonsson, managing director of Saab AB, said during a recent visit to Australia that the struggling GM-owned Swedish company made a mistake not embracing all-wheel-drive in addition to its front-wheel-drive design years ago.

“We were slow to accept all-wheel-drive capability and it is hurting us today,” Mr Jonsson told Drive.

“Thirty to 40 per cent of our US customers picked up on cross-overs and sports utilities and came to our showroom and found we didn’t have them.

“We missed a tremendous opportunity, but we are on the way back.”

Damn right it’s hurting us. And GM-folk in Detroit (as much as I love y’all) can take a good look at this and see what should have been.

Thanks to Paul for the heads-up.

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  1. AWD is hardly overrated. If it was, why is it such a hot seller right now? Pretty much every manufacturer is touting some kind of AWD variant of their main models as well as pure AWD models.

    Remember, AWD isn’t just for snowy conditions, but also for performance. At night I dream of the new 9-3 Aero with AWD. I get giddy just thinking about it.

    Sorry, I lost my train of thought, I was daydreaming…

  2. Yes , and the mullah is Moslem and the rabbi is Jewish and Martin Luther is Lutheran.
    For the sake of fairness in journalism let’s hear about these guys also.

  3. If JAJ thinks lack of AWD is hurting SAAB…how abouttaking a big dose of reality and looking at:
    overall lack of a range ( getting better but….)
    weak marketing (slowly on the improve now)
    problematic resale values

    Theres plenty thats hurting Saab now along with lack of AWD.

    As for why JAJ didn’t call – perhaps Saab Aust had other ideas? Or no idea?

  4. Perhaps I could retract a modicum from the lack of marketing statement in my previous post. 93 S/C billboards sighted in Sydney & Melbourne and double pages in the fairfax weekend magazines. Better.

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