Saab 9-5 saves the world

What are Saab USA putting into the motoring press’ coffee lately?

On Saturday, we had the 9-7x that saved Saab as a company in the US and then on Sunday we had the 9-7x that is “a Saab as a Saab should be.”

Both very bold claims to say the least (actually, if we’re going to be honest and frank here – both are bullshit).


It’s the “beautiful” 9-5 that’s capable of restoring respect and racial harmony in North America.

We could solve many of the worlds social and political problems if we gave the most disgruntled people lots of money, a nice set of wheels — I’m thinking of the 2006 Saab 9-5 SportCombi wagon I drove while here — and took them to the Ritz.

That is not as ridiculous as it sounds. Money and nice cars have a calming, civilizing effect on people, tend to equalize them and make them more acceptable, or at least more tolerable.

Now, you may not believe it as you read the first five or so paragraphs, but this is a motoring article and it is about the ‘new’ Saab 9-5. I believe the social commentary has more to do with the writer’s ancestry and the setting for the drive than anything else.

The latest 9-5 has caused a more negative than positive sensation with its restyling. I don’t mind it, but I wouldn’t use the word “beautiful” in the same sentence unless the sentence also included my wife. The author, Warren Brown, feels differently (about the car, not about my wife, who I don’t beleive he’s ever met):

But Saab’s current “Born From Jets” marketing theme plays off the company’s military origins, which, judging from the SportCombi wagon I drove and the public’s reaction to it, is a mistake.

I would suggest: “Beautiful cars for beautiful people. Saab — Bringing the World Together,” because that is what I experienced driving the SportCombi here.

It’s not an unpleasant read at all, just a little different. Warren finds the vehicle quite likeable in all respects and seemed to enjoy the power/economy/comfort relationship as delivered by the 260hp four-banger.

You can read the review at the Washington Post. And Saab USA, whatever it is that you’re slipping to these people – keep it up.

Thanks to James E for the tip.

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  1. Warren Brown, a fine fellow and admirably literate, writes in my local newspaper, the Washington Post. I gather that the drive occurred during a press event at SAAB USA headquarters in Atlanta. I was hoping you’d see the report, even in Tasmania. However, you didn’t see all of it, I’m afraid. The Post’s website does not reproduce the “Nuts & Bolts” sidebars in which Mr. Brown presents his technical commentaries. In the case of the 9-5 SportCombi (4-cylinder turbo with automatic transmision), the comments were all positive and concluded forcefully: “There’s strong demand for this one, but you have room to bargain. It’s a buy.”

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