Saab Ice Experience

How. About. This…..

Robin and Kerry M, from the UK, recently won a place at the Saab Ice Experience. I’ll get more details and pics up later in the week. Robin’s just emailed me today and sent a few pics through. There should be more, plus some details about the trip, later in the week.

In brief, imagine driving a bunch of Saabs around Sweden’s north with the Saab Performance Team in attendance as well as Per Eklund!! Does that sound like a few days of fun, or what?

As I said, more to come soon. Here’s a few advance pics. Thanks very much to Robin and Kerry. I’m a healthy shade of environmentally friendly green with envy.

9-3 vert Ice Experience.jpg


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  1. Love the colour of the car, too bad its a special edition only. Bet it’s a lot of fun driving around in all that snow and ice. Normally I wouldnt say that but there isnt another car in sight so its ok! 😉

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