Saab O The Week – Feb 16

It’s Saab O The Week time again and this week, I’m pleased to be able to show you the magnificent Silver Sled – the Classic 900 owned by Mr Steve B of the Saab Car Club of Australia. Steve has his own website about the car, which details some of the work done on the car, including an upgraded turbo and water injection amongst a list about as long as your arm.

Steve’s an honorary life member of the SCCA, a designation given due to the years of outstanding service he’s given to the club in various positions, but most visibly as the editor and designer of what’s possibly the world’s best car club magazine – Saabmissions (and that’s not a boast I make idly either – the mag really is that good).

Anyway, here’s the car. There’s more photos over at Steve’s site (and they’re quite a bit better than this one, but I didn’t want to pinch them!!). There’s also video and a Saab Performance section, with recommended mods for the 900. Click the photo to enlarge.


If you’d like your car to be an entry in the Saab O The Week section, it’s dead easy. Just take a great photo of your Saab – or something related to it – and email it to me (there’s a link in the left sidebar).

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  1. Silver Sled – love it- reeks of pure Saab. Thanks for showing us this one Swade. The silver paint looks good, but I think I am going to have to spray my 900 Classic, viggen blue to compete.

    BTW are there any Saab owners in OZ who are wine makers? I am thinking its time you had a Saab wine (white) called “Silver Sled” ?????

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