Shortest review ever?

I spotted this one by accident whilst reading a review of the Volvo C70.  It’s a decent size article in the Independent Online about the Saab 9-5 Biopower that contains about 2 paragraphs in review of the journo’s actual driving experience in the car:

I headed up the A1, and Berwick – or rather the lay-by just to the north of the town on the A1, with its big "Scotland welcomes you" sign. Mine was hardly a rigorous test, but I felt that the BioPower was noticeably smoother when running on E85, and enjoyed a detectable edge when accelerating and overtaking. But the important point is that opting for the BioPower and running it on E85 does not produce the miserable sort of experience keen motorists normally associate with saving the planet.

Some reports suggest that E85 produces fewer mpg than unleaded; fuel gauge readings suggested that any difference is small.

The other mention from the drive itself: the seats are good.  Well, we knew that already.  

As short as it is, I think this is possibly the first actual drive of the car that I’ve read about.  I may be wrong about that (I could try searching my own archives but who can be bothered) but in any case it’s good to see a write up on Biopower that’s less to do with saving the planet and more to do with what the car was designed for: driving! 

Other good things mentioned in the article for you silly english knnnnniggits:

  • e85 should be available at 5 different spots in Somerset soon
  • an ethanol plant should be online in East Anglia in Feb 2007.  Filling stations should be gearing up prior to this
  • e85 should be around 12p a litre cheaper than gasoline on average. 


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