That first Saabillac

I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry, or just sit and smile at the thought of my favourite auto workers maintaining their capacity.

You might have seen this shot already this week.  It’s the first BLS off the line at Trollhattan.

The pic was sent to me by a line worker at the Trollhattan plant who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons.  He worked on this car. 

Apparently the feeling at the plant is a good one with this car.  It’s sped up production and that means they get to continue doing what they do best (vocationally speaking).  As much as I don’t like the idea of Caddys being built there, if it means they can keep going and building more Saabs in the future, then it’s OK with me I guess.

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  1. I dont get it, GM want to sell more Saab’s but makes Saab build mid-size Cadillacs to compete against the 9-3?

    Doesnt GM North America relaise that Europeans dont buy American cars. OOPS I forgot, this Caddy is Swedish 😉

  2. Headlights “don’t look right” to say the least, Dan. I expect this car to fail quicker than all the past Opel attempts to build a sport/luxury level vehicle. Fortunately for our favorite auto builders, GM is big on hitting its head against a brick wall, so production of the car will quite likely continue for a few years even though virtually no European will even consider buying the softened little 9-3. As much as I dislike GM for all the bad things it’s done to SAAB, from dropping hatchbacks and ending engine development to prohibiting use of the Alfa-SAAB premium platform, I actually have to feel sorry for the company. They are just so CLUELESS it’s embarrassing to watch!

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