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Welcome, but you should know that the picture below is just an artist’s rendering based on speculation that the Sonett (if there will be one) would be based on the Solstice/Sky.

Since it’s unveiling back in Feb/Mar, it’s now rumoured that there may be a 2-seater that utilises the Aero-X conceptual design. For an artist’s impression, click here and then scroll down to the picture at the bottom of the link after the page loads.


I received this picture via email several months ago. At the time, it started popping up an many different places, which was one of the reasons I decided against publishing it. The second reason was due to the fact that the convertible in the picture was quite obviously, to my eye at least, based upon the idea of the Sonett concept being drawn from the Pontiac Solstice. Right around the time I received the image, it was made known that the concept was not going to be based on the Solstice, so I refrained from publishing it.

Given that interest is peaking again, and given that the hardtop in the image might be a little closer to what we could expect, I’ve decided, well, what the heck. I will stress, however, that as far as I know the creator of this image is not a Saab employee, or a GM employee. As far as I can tell, this is a great piece of computer generated imagery that has no basis in the truth – just great execution of one man’s idea based on some information that was available at the time (i.e. the Solstice base for the concept).

Use of image courtesy of artist: David Joost

Photoshopped Sonett.jpg

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  1. Ah, if only this were to be the car? Design clues including the clamshell bonnet, grille/lights, almost-there windscreen and to top it off a bonnet with hints of 99! I’d have my order in.

  2. Hi,

    As far as I know this is fake, a homemade photoshop… As I am working for Saab as Aftersales District Manager in an european market, I have few info regarding the Saab Sonnett concept car that will be show at the Geneva Motorshow.

    We get the info from our Marketinf Dpt, and what I can tell, is the following: the concept look really howesome… Pe patient, it will be release soon, just few week left!!!

    Go, go, go SAAB!!!!! Proud to work for it.


  3. Well even if its an absolute fake it makes for an interesting 5 minutes of thought. its not that different to the drawing you put up earlier Swade.

    Touch of the MX5 in the convertible. The coupe looks a bit like the late 1990s BMW Z3 hardtop or perhaps an early 1970s Lotus? There’s also a touch of an American car from the 70s/80s in there but I can’t think of the name. Pinto maybe? It was a funny little thing.

    Still, from the one of the previous comments it sounds like the real thing might be a lot better.

  4. After hearing that Bryan Nesbitt designed the PT Cruiser and Chevvy’s HHR.
    I couldn’t help but cringe at the thought of some 1950’s retro styled 9001.
    However After reading that he is also the brains behind the OPEL Antara I think we about to be blown away by his creation for Geneva.

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