The Saabillac rolls out

The first Caddy BLS rolled off the assembly line in Trollhattan last Monday, February 6th.

Whilst this has little direct bearing on Saab cars, it’s a big thing for the factory whose ongoing operation is important in maintaining a presence in Sweden, where Saabs can be designed etc.  I almost feel sick saying it, but "Go Caddy, Go!"

From the release…..

The event was also historic for the 56-year-old GM manufacturing site, which until now has produced only Saab vehicles.  The entire manufacturing process, from sheet metal pressing and body welding to powertrain installation and final assembly, will be carried out there.  The simultaneous production of both Cadillac and Saab in the facility was made possible by a 325 million Euro investment program begun there in 2000. Included in this development were extensions to the press shop, body shop and final assembly areas, improvements to materials handling systems and the phased introduction of a new paint shop.

“In such a global and highly competitive environment as the automobile business, the Trollhättan plant must use its flexibility and ingenuity to compete successfully as an efficient and high quality manufacturing location,” said Plant Director Lars Danielson.  “We are now fully integrated not only with General Motors in Europe, but also General Motors operations and plans throughout the world.”

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