Thursday Snippets

Will the UK embrace Cadillac?  Europe?  Could they?  Possibly?

Could Saab be in danger of becoming "little-Caddy" in GM’s premium segment?

Motoring.Co report: Cadillac steps in as a top 4×4 SUV


On GM Business, Via Yahoo:

Analysts are backing Kirk Kerkorian’s call for a cut in GM’s dividend paid to shareholders.  A board meeting is expected next week and various parties are expecting the dividend to be on the table for discussion – something that companies are always quite loathe to do.  The other part of Captain Kirk’s strategy involved the selling off of Saab, so maybe seeing what they do about the dividend will provide an interesting yardstick as to how much they’re listening to KK.

The understatement of the year: "If they cut it by $1, that’s a savings of $565 million a year," said Standard & Poor’s analyst Efraim Levy. "Half a billion here and half a billion there adds up."


This is a great triptych of photos taken in a Saab.  Check em out.


That’s all for now.  Process mapping course, day 2 coming up (Yawn).

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  1. How many crazy, filthy rich Europeans or homesick xpats are there that GM has to get what?…a few hundred of their petrol-swilling FUmobiles sold while in NA we’re given half a loaf (sorry the 97? the 92??? the “new” 95…debatable, the 93 with 3 of the 5/6 engines it sh/could have) in half the markets it sh/could be in. Around here I know roads where there’s a GD GM dealer every 1/2 mile…but Saab dealers are very rare. Let the Swedes or GME run Saab worldwide for a few years without the bonehead input from the renaissance center!

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