Torino 2006

We Aussies have 2 medals. OK, one of them was actually won by a Canadian, but we’re happy anyway. Not as happy as when Steven Bradbury won gold at Salt Lake City (his competitors fell over and he skated by them to win), but happy anyway. If any Canadians want to give me some trouble of winning gold for us, then I have 1 word for you: hockey (what the heck happened there, anyway?!?).

Anyway, Salomon Saab 9-3 SportCombi spotted at Torino. Looking good. From Flickr.


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  1. Swade, what are you talking about? Canada won the gold in hockey! Well, the Canadian women did anyway…

    I can’t really poke fun since the U.S. men got as far as Canada (men), abeit with a worse record in the preliminary round.

    As for the gold medal: it’s Sweden against Finland! What a rivalry. I’m pulling for the Swedes, for obvious reasons. Any chance SAAB can get Peter Forsberg as a celebrity spokesperson? He’s like a god up there I understand.

    Back to making this SAAB related, that SportCombi in the picture is very nice. It looks like it’s owned by the Solomon ski equipment company. I know that SAAB and Solomon have a relationship. You can see details at

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