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There’s a fair chance that this site might go off the air for a few hours on February 28.  If so, it’ll be back up on March 1st, EST in the US.  It’s just a bandwidth thing. That’s why I haven’t posted many Aero-X pictures since the release – big pics are bandwidth killers and I’ve only got about 2GB left to last the day.


Most of you will probably have seen this by now.  It’s the Aero-X microsite.  There’s heaps of great info about there car there as well as a bunch of downloadables.  My broadband connection seems a little slow with it, so take your time.

Well worth the visit though.  Find it here: Saab Aero-X microsite

I’m still in love with those new lights.  Wow.  So cool.


Autoblog are doing a test of the 2006 9-3 Aero Convertible.  It doesn’t exactly start in the classiest fashion, but that’s nothing to do with the car. 

The initial reports seem to be fairly favourable, though the comments less so.  Again, that’s only partly to do with the car (a lot of it concerns the rather substandard photography accompanying the story.)

I’ll be keeping an eye on it.


Autoblog also have their coverage of the Aero-X up too.  Seems to be pretty garden variety though.  The comments on this story have started pretty well, with only 20% of them referring to getting in and out of the car in the rain (Ok, it’s one out of 5, but 20% makes it so much more substantial).

I like reading Autoblog comments as there’s so many meat-heads there that just reel off the same-old same-old.  It makes the gems really stand out. 


It seems Jerry York’s not so keen on getting GM to sell off Saab after all.  You might remember that York, just prior to joining the GM board a few weeks ago, was saying that GM should focus on it’s core products, which in his mind meant that Saab and hummer would be ditched.

Bob Lutz, speaking at the Aero-X unveiling, indicated that Saab were pretty close to profitability and that Jerry’s come to see the error of his ways.  The Washington Post:

"Jerry made all those comments before he joined the board," he added. "He realizes that it was a suggestion he wouldn’t have made if he knew all the facts."

There’s no confirmation yet that knowing "all the facts" includes how much Bob can bench press when he’s angry. 


I’m thinking about upgrading the Viggen.  BSR chip sounds nice.  Mmmmmm.  It’ll necessitate the Viggen Rescue Kit, but………Mmmmmmmm. 

Oh, and despite the "continue reading" bit directly below, there’s nothing there so please don’t click on it. 

I told you not to click!!!!

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  1. Well, you should know by now that comments on Autoblog about just about anything are less than favorable. The comments section has been infested with know-nothing nasty trolls for quite some time.

  2. Check greencarcongress.com…the AeroX is the lamest “concept” on the page. GM needs to cut back on the ethanol…or nitromethane sniffing.

  3. Oh my yes, the comments on Autoblog have gone past sanity and are now into humor. I have done a little statistical trending on “Good news GM stories” vs. “Bad news GM stories” and the bad news ones get, on average 4 times the number of posts – mostly just piling on – as the good one. And the posts on the good news ones are mostly, “So? GM still sux”.

    I wonder, based on the shine lack of maturity in the comments, how many Autoblog commenters are actually old enough to drive.

  4. Swade, you’ve open the flood gates with your curiosity about the BSR upgrade, rescue kit, anti roll bar and the list goes on an on…. After doing most of these to my Aero it’s like ‘no going back’ or ‘how did I lived without these for all these years’. Trust me, it’s as though you’ve got a different/new and better car without changing it. GO AND DO IT !!! AND SEND US A PHOTO OF YOUR WIDE SMILE AFTER YOU DRIVE YOUR VIGGEN FOR A WEEK, IT WILL BE MOST ENJOYABLE.

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