UK sales for January 06

Saab continued it’s sales rise in the UK with 1,655 registrations in January 2006.  That’s up 2.73% over the same period in 2005 but an 8% fall from the previous month. 

The important comparo is the year on year, and whilst 2.7% is a modest rise in isolation, when it’s compared with a 13% fall in UK sales overall, it bodes well for another good year in The Old Country.

There’s been two recent releases in the UK, the 9-5 Biopower and the introduction of the TiD engine in the 9-3 Convertible.  The Biopower will have a minimal impact on sales there given the lack of infrastructure, but the diesel addition to the ‘vert range may attract some attention in months to come.  It’ll be interesting to watch.

Saab’s market share for January was only 0.1% smaller than Volvo.  The first target is in sight……

p.s. Any links for Swedish and German sales would be welcome.  Cheers.

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  1. I think I posted it before. But Sweden sales were up with 42 percent compared with january 2005.
    Saabs sales place them in second (9-3) and in third (9-5) place. (V70 the winner sa usual). 9-3 sold 901 (532), and 9-5 sold 860 (711) 50 percent were Biopower.

    Also interesting is that january 06 was the best january month ever in for saab.

  2. This is the only link to the german sale figures I found till now:
    (Beware – it’s in german šŸ˜‰ )

    The facts in short:

    – 12% grow in car registrations in 2005
    – estimated are about 5.600 sold cars in 2005
    – 9-3 convertible leading the sales figures with 40% / more than 2.300 sold units
    – the 9-3 sport-combi had a good start with about 800 orders before the sales launch in september
    – the 9-3 SportCombi scored a share of 18% in the sales figures of all Saab sales (all models) in 2005 with around 1.000 registrations
    – the 9-3 SportSedan also scored around 18% of the sales cake also with around 1.000 registered cars
    – the 9-5 “old version” and facelift version also scored in this direction filling the rest of the sales figures

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