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For those of you that own a 9-3 Viggen, these sites might be of some use.  For those of you that don’t, you’re a small chance of catching Viggen fever.  Beware, it’s quite contagious.  I returned to the cockpit of my 99 Viggen yesterday after 3 days in the 9-5 Aero and it was great to get back behind the wheel.  I think I’m going to have to give it the full wash-n-polish this weekend as penance for the 9-5 betrayal.

Anyway, the Viggen sites:

Abbott Racing have a fantastic Viggen history, available here.  This is a must-read page for anybody interested in the Saab 9-3 Viggen.


Phillip Schneider’s Viggen Factfile is a sensational site, with recent photos of upgrades to his Viggen convertible as well as trackdays and club meets etc.  He’s got a great photo gallery, some FAQ’s, extensive dyno logs and heaps more.

Phillip’s car is a 1999 model Viggen convertible in black and has been extensively modified up to 290hp and 440Nm. 

Phillip has recorded all of his modifications to the car, which have involved names such as Maptun, Abbott and Hirsch.  It’s a great site for Viggen enthusiasts in general and especially so for those that are interested in modifying their Viggen.


Many of you are probably familiar with Nick Taliaferro and GenuineSaab.  Nick runs a red 2001 Viggen which is basically a rolling billboard for his tuning and parts business.  Nick’s car is pushed up to around 340hp and 400 ft lbs of torque (forgive my inability to quickly convert to Nm).

Nick’s Viggen has been fitted with a Nordic ECM, new inlet, race intercooler, water injection and a custom made 6-point subframe brace that he now sells through GenuineSaab.  Other mods (the list is extensive) are listed on his site.

There’s a full list of parts fitted to the car as well as videos of dyno runs and an image gallery.

Check it all out at TrollTuner.


Finally, Hans-Martin Duringhof has a sensational site, Viggen Online, dedicated to his Lightning Blue 3-door Viggen (ah, a man after my own heart), which looks absolutely sensational with the Hirsch six-spokes fitted.

The site is a great reference for all things Viggen.  Not only is there plenty of detail about Hans-Martin’s own car, there’s also plenty of Viggen links, including a text-only download of the MY00 Viggen brochure.

Hans-Martin’s Viggen has also seen some major modifications including a Hirsch sports chassis kit, Abbott’s Viggen Rescue kit and Stage 3 engine modification from Hirsch as well.  The changes continue inside as well, with a Hirsch carbonfibre steering wheel and some audio upgrades too.

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  1. I wished I owned one, no doubt it’s one of my dreams. But I have the closest to that with my 9-3 Aero. I will send you a photo shortly; hopefully you’ll find it worthy of posting this on your prestigious site. It’s very close to the real thing but not quite. Regardless of that I consider myself very fortunate anyway !!!

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