Wednesday Snippets

GM Watch: Executives and Investors have both been forced to take one for the team.  Top salaries have been slashed (Wagoner -50% and Bob "I gave at the office" Lutz -30% – among others) and the quarterly dividend has been cut in half too.  This should give GM some cred when it comes to whittling down the spiralling healthcare and benefit costs with the UAW in the near future.


SaabUSA will be hosting the press launch of the new 9-5 sedan and wagon sometime next week, in Atlanta.  In keeping with the "Born with Jets" them, it’ll be held at the Delta Airlines museum.  The lucky journos present will also get to drive the 9-5 Biopower concept vehicle, the one with the whopping 310bhp and 440Nm of torque.

I stand accused of thinking (for just a moment) that the Biopower concept was just a mathematical ruse to create some interest for the US shows this year.  Turns out it’s the real deal, so it’ll be very interesting to read the press on it.


Completely non-Saab related:  If anyone’s thinking of some Ecotourism here in Tasmania, here’s a great article to whet your appetite.  Turns out our little island has just been voted into the Top 5 of the world’s best ecotourism destinations by National Geographic’s Traveler magazine.  The article details 10 of our "best spots", though how they left Binalong Bay off the list is beyond me….


Following my drive of the 9-3 V6 last weekend and the subsequent comments from various parties about having to drive a 9-5 Aero, it looks like I may just get my chance.  It’s a 2003 model.  Haven’t seen it yet and unsure as to when might be convenient, but hopefully the long weekend coming up in a few days might provide for some interesting drives.



I haven’t received a Saab O The Week submission for a little while now.  I realise that’s possibly because I’ve slowed the publishing of SOTW entries, but please, if you’ve got a great photo based around your Saab, please email me and send it in.

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