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Yesterday I mentioned that it must have been 9-7x test week. I published links to four separate 9-7x tests and now here’s another one. It’s from Royal Ford of the Boston Globe. I should mention at this point that Royal Ford got right into Saab last week about poor interior finishes in the sedans when compared to class competitors (click here to read). I didn’t get around to that post, but I was reminded of it as soon as I saw that Ford was writing up this 9-7x review. I was prepared for another Saab roasting.

Not so.

It seems the 9-7x is winning a lot of motoring journos over. It’s possibly quite a help that the platform is something so familiar to them. The improvements to it in it’s Saab persona are more prevalent that way.

I encourage you to click here and read Ford’s assessment of the 9-7x.


We bought ourselves a view last week. The associated house ain’t too bad, either. Now we just have to sell our place. Hence the posting drought over the weekend – plenty of jobs to do prior to the first open home next week.

Fancy a break? Just pop out onto the patio and put your feet up:



Received this photo this weekend from Greg A. His young Saabista in training. Cute, huh? Like a lot of young ladies, she’s headed straight for the convertible. I’ll bet she’s excited to see her own picture on the computer screen too! Good to see you getting her in training at a young age, Greg. (NB: Now that I’ve posted this, I’m expecting to see a pic of Saabken’s newborn infant son at the wheel any time now!)


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  1. Congrats on the new place Swade. The view is a cracker. I’ll be in Tassie later this year for work and will have to drop ’round for a coldie ( or a wee dram – choose your poison) to take in the sights!

    On a trivial note – thanks to an international colleague, recently increased my Swedish vocab by two words that might be useful here:

    Alskare = lover. As in Saab-alskare. Theres a kind of double something sign over the the first A that I have no idea about producing on this keyboard.

    Fanatiker – svenska for fan/fans. Obvious I guess. To be precise: Saab-fanatiker.

    Well done again on the new joint – good luck selling the old one!

  2. “This is a Saab as a Saab should be”, says Mr Ford about the 9-7X. Off course he has his rights to mean that, but personally I found comments like that more or less like an insult against SAAB. Sure, the 9-7X might be a far better car compared with the car it is based on: the Trailblazer, I don’t know, but let us don’t forget that this 9-7X IS a ‘US emergency release’ and not a car born by SAAB. I admit the 9-7X has a somewhat cool design, but calling it a “SAAB as a SAAB should be”…. I’m speachless.

    Regarding Mr Ford’s advice to GM about how they should improve in making better SAAB sedan interiors: “But GM, you need to go the next step. Build this car with the interior quality of, say, a Volvo (or Kia or Hyundai) — the entire interior.” — Kia or Hyundai? Now I’m really speechless… ;/)

    Finally, back with you, Swade. Congrats a lot with your new house and a magnificent view! Best of luck with the future 🙂

    Greetings from Scandinavia ;/)

  3. Having such an outstanding Saab-fanatiker in an outstanding location with such a view is not just tempting but really the ultimate gathering for any one that shares the Saab passion with you Swade. You may get a visit from me in the near future, I just need to come up with a credible justification for the trip and I’ll be in to this one. Congratulations !!!

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