9-3 Biopower Hybrid breaks cover

Damn I’m hating this work trip. Stuff like this breaks cover and I can’t cover it. It’s killing me.

Left Lane News has seemingly jumped the gun and published that which was due for release, by my info, tomorrow. What the heck. Here’s the picture (below) and click here to go to LLN for the low-down.

Saab do it again!! And I love the Aero-X wheels getting a wider and realistic use. Love it.


Thanks SaabKen for the tip.

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  1. Sucks when the rest of the developed world is on the northern hemi, ain’t it Swade ?

    PS: when are ya coming back to Vancouver ?

  2. Ken,

    We’d planned initially on coming over every 2 years, but it’s just not feasible in terms of getting a smaller vacation here in the interim. Add to that the house buying thingy and we’re not due back there now until 2007 at the earliest. Killing me as I can’t wait to get back there, but life sometimes gets in the way.

    Forget the 9-7x, by the time I get there we’ll probably be able to go test drive and Aero-X flying hybrid hovercar together!!!

  3. So, the Aero-X wheels are the first to get the application to Saab’s current line-up.

    They are growing on me… mostly because they are not chrome in this rendition!


  4. i love the wheels, but even better is the colour coded bumbers and door moulding. hopefully they bring even that much out on the 93 at least.

  5. PGAero,

    They are bringing out the Saab 93 again? That is a really, really, old car.

    The Saab 9-3 however is the present lineup.

  6. Now that is one seriously cool concept that Saab really does need to put into production. In a way it shows that GM is serious about Saab having put in what seems like a lot of money to develop this amazing technology. Lets hope this doesnt go the same way the SaabVariableCompression i.e nowhere.

    This is seriously fantastic news from Saab! 🙂

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