9-7x on sale in UAE

If there’s one group of consumers out there that aren’t short a few dollars, it’s the fellas from the United Arab Emirates. They love their SUV’s too, so hopefully they’ll take to the 9-7x, which has just been released there.

There is a limited number available in Dubai and orders have already been taken for this exciting vehicle which is loaded with options such as; 6 CD changer, 18′ Alloy wheels and DOD (Displacement on Demand).

Jonathan Greenslade, the new General Manager for Gargash said, “Saab is known for its attention to detail, its origins of aeronautical manufacturing and defence engineering, hence the application of the latest materials and technology make it a competitive vehicle for the market.

Having read a couple of buyer’s reports on the 9-7x, it seems that it’s very well received amongst those that try it out. One guy even rating it as far more comfortable and driveable than the BMW X5, which I’d take to be one heck of a compliment if I were a 9-7x.

The big unknown at this point is the 9-7x’s safety rating, which I’d hazard a guess and say is somewhat less than it’s 9-3 and 9-5 ‘siblings’. Which makes this part of the UAE report a little troubling for me, cautious type that I am…

Saab is known as being one of the safest vehicles on the road which is a high Saab in the SUV sector in a region which loves SUV’s and 4×4 vehicles.

Let’s forget the awkward writing for a moment. I’m not sure I’d be touting the 9-7x in terms of safety at all until the facts are known.

Here’s hoping the Dubai folks take to the vehicle. If you told me a few years ago that Saab would be selling a big mutha of an AWD truck in the UAE I wouldn’t have believed you. Then I’d have regarded it as a conquest sale. Then I would have thought that pretty much anything’s possible.

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  1. It strikes me a bit awkward that the 9-7X is being marketed in these “well-heeled” places to customers who let their wallets do most of the talking. If these folks have loads of discretionary loose change in their pockets, wouldn’t they be considering the X5s and the ML500s as baseline vehicles ? Would they even lower their noses to consider a TrailBlazer-derived Saab (albeit a damned good one) ? Maybe my perception is all askewed but I can only imagine these UAE/Dubai and other black gold wealthed clientele driving nothing but bulletproof’d RR/RR Sport/LR3, M-B’s M, G and GL classes, X5s, new Q7 etc, where brand name is all the prestige.

    But hey, Find Your Own Oil Well ….. haha

  2. You’re probably right ken but…..imagine you are Sheik X and you’re up for a new car. There are already 3 of each of the above vehicles on your block, in the office car park. Suddenly something appears that NO ONE ELSE HAS. Plus, its from Sweden, land of clever and interesting thing ( we know its not but the name is)……hence, some interest. The fact that the fuel consumption is probably last on the list of considerations doesn’t hurt either.
    Big, fast, comfortable & not a Toyota. Thats your checklist I reckon.

  3. And ‘merican brands, however tenuously linked it may be there to the 9-7x, actually have some cachet in places. Here in Oz, there are still a lot of envious looks to be had if you’ve managed to import some huge Chevy truck.

    Dunno if it’s the same in the UAE, but I think the ‘differentness’ as pointed out by PT would be to some advantage.

    Don’t think we can expect any huge numbers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re appreciated by the local sheiks, rattles and rolls.

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