Aero-X momentum continues

That is one sexy automobile!!  This photo is from Fairfax Press, here in Australia.  The Aero-X actually features on the front cover of their automotive section, Drive, today (sorry Paul, I’m on the wrong PC to post the pic!!).

Actually, the Aero-X seems to be ever-present at the moment.  It’s hard to dial up an automotive website’s Geneva coverage without seeing it, which is fantastic news.


Car Design News has a mini-article on the Aero-X, with the promise of a full Design and Development article to come.  From their mini-piece….

In many ways the Aero X is a classic superficial concept car; a sleek sports coupe with little relevance to any forthcoming Saab production car. But it is also a great signifier that this beleaguered brand is still on the map and a luscious design in its own right…..

….The interior is more reserved but is notable for its use of layered green acrylic for its instrumentation. Without doubt, the Saab Aero X is the concept car of the show.


And on that note, who wants odds on the Aero-X winning whatever the award is for the best new concept/car in show? 


Non-Aero-X news, but worthwhile:

Some news from comments that should be on the front page –> Apparently Saab improved in February in nearly all European markets and have hit a record for the month in Europe with 8,974 vehicles sold.

Baby steps, people.  But all important.  Congratulations!



I just got this in via email.  Check out the April cover of CAR magazine!!  Thanks to Vaidas for the heads-up….


Saab has built a supercar, and if you get yourself a copy of the April issue of Car magazine you can see it in all its glory. Why should you be interested? Firstly because the car is simply breathtaking – a no guts, no glory celebration of Saab’s fighter jet heritage, packed with beautiful details. And second, because Saab is a badge we all thought GM was going to kill off as the American multinational struggles for survival. Not so. The super-Saab is living proof that all’s going to be well in Sweden for some time to come.

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  1. My little brother jus told me that the Aero x was voted best new concept car at the last auto show. I didnt see it but maybe someone else out there did

  2. Yesterday talking with one salesman of the dealer, He said to me that from Saab they received an internal memo about the launch of a version of the Aero-x in 2007-2008.

    Also about the launch in the same date of the crossover that could be called 9-5x.


  3. Sounds quite bull to me.

    Starting from so early launch to internal memos that are given away like free biscuits.

    Yes, crossover from Mexico is coming late 2008 and 9-5 between fall 2007 to fall 2008, fitting yet another totally new model there feels really incredible.

    Not to mention substituent for 9-7X that is coming also.

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