Aero-X video

Thanks to Olav in Norway, here’s an Aero-X video that’s worth 2 minutes of your time.  It’s mostly scenery and animation, but it’s still something to stir the Saab corpuscles.

If there’s one thing I got from watching it, it’s a sense of Swedishness, more than a sense of aircraft heritage.  Maybe it’s just me, but all the ice, water and glass really tied in well as I watched the video.

As a side note, things are a little tough here at the moment and unfortunately the time and interest in blogging is slipping somewhat.  I don’t want to write some stuff just for the sake of it, so if posting is light over the next week or so, that’s why.  Great stuff like this is always worth checking out though.

One subject that is getting churned over in my head again and again though, is something along the lines of "10 reasons why Saab MUST make the Aero-X".

More to come on that topic once I get it sorted in my head. 

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  1. I hope you come up with 10 good reasons. I’m afraid though that GM will just let the current euphoria over the Aero-X whither on the vine without taking advantage of it. By the time something Aero-X based comes out, the Aero-X will be a distant memory. I really think they should get a 2-seater based on the Aero-X out ASAP.

    That was a nice video by the way. I captured the original GMTV intro with some screen-scraper software (Capturewizpro) which turned out a pretty decent AVI but it’s 422MB. But at least I’ve got it for future reference.

  2. You are perfectly right! I simply love the Aero-X and as a SAAB driver I would be more than pleased to know that my favourite car company can produce such wonders. It epitomizes by it looks what SAAB cars always has felt like.

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