Aero-X Video – Aftonbladet

It’s only going slowly, and it’s in Swedish, but it’s what a lot of people have been waiting to see….

The Aero-X in motion.

Robert Collin takes the Saab Aero-X concept car for a spin on Aftonbladet TV. The smile on his face as the roof is being raised at the end of the drive really does say it all (in every language).

Thanks to Martin for the tip.

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  1. Thanks for another great link. I couldn’t find a way to download it but I did a screen-scrape capture with CaptureWizPro to avi and it’s pretty good. Another treasure for my collection!

  2. SAAB is selling very well in Sweden this mounth!
    An economic net magazine has spoken to Jan-Åke Jonsson.
    He says: “We believe the increase in sales for Saab during mars will be 60-70% compared to the same month last year”. He continues saying: “We sold in mars last year 1500 units in Sweden. This year we expect it to be 2500-2600 units.”

    Good news folks!
    Link (in Swedish)

  3. More on the previous article.
    The global sale for mars is approximately 16000 units, which is 25-30% up compared to mars last year.
    For USA and Europe the sale is on par compared to last month.
    This should give Saab a new record month, right?!?

    More stats is expected today from

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