Alfa to trump the Aero-X

Remember the post a few days ago where we all pondered the asking price for a run of 999 Aero-Xs??

Apparently Alfa Romeo are going to tread down this route with their sensational 8C Competizione concept car. Autoblog are reporting that Alfa plan to produce a limited run of 500 vehicles.


They’re going to trim back their advertising budget in order to get the job done, figuring that 500 8C’s being driven around the world’s more affluent roads is worth (at least) just as much as a bunch of alluring print and TV ads.

Alfa have a certain amount of brand cachet that Saab misses out on, which would provide a fair assurance that these 500 cars would quite likely be sold before they were even made. Saab don’t have the same exotic drawing power, but it’s still gotta be worth thinking about if you’re a Saab exec, hasn’t it?

Even if it was a slightly watered down version of the Aero-X for road-legality or practicality-of-production reasons, a limited run of THAT particular car would have to generate a fair chunk of publicity and attention as well as making a statement about Saab’s ability to produce an actual production car (rather than a concept) full of Swedish design and performance.

Sometimes the only way to shut the critics up is to shove a product down their throat.

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  1. Mmmmm that 8C Comp is one SEXY car !!

    Even if Saab made the AERO-X without the Buck Rogers canopy and had simply wraparound “windshield” (sorry, I’m North American) and conventional doors, left everything else as-is, and sold 99 copies for US$99,000 each, I bet they’d all be sold within hours. But hey, what do I know, I’m just a Saab dreamer …….

  2. Guess what, a collegue of mine, a die hard VAG and Ford enthusiast, sent me today a link to an article of what he called the most awesome car he had ever seen; the SAAB Aero-X. That’s a sign ;/)

    I really love the Alfa though as shown above.

  3. There’s still a lot of money floating around in the world — I’m always amazed at the existence and sales of cars like the Ferrari Enzo and the Bugatti Veyron.

    So I’m kind of changing my mind — maybe Saab should make the Aero-X. It seems to be getting a good response in areas where Saab traditionally has no presence.

    In the IT world, people talk about “mindshare” — the influence of a company on the concepts, scope, and future progress of a sector.

    Saab has had little mindshare in the automotive sector for many years. Maybe the Aero-X grabs some mindshare for Saab, so the next Saab innovation gets more attention when announced.

  4. *DROOLING* Now THAT is one sexy motor!!!

    Somebody show the ‘designers’ at Saab what could have been had they not gone all “Japanese” on us and built the Aero-X.

    Alfa has always had a certain “whoa” factor!!

    mikef, Id call her Sophia as well.


  5. Wow, that has similar curves to the Aero-X. It kinda pisses me off that Alfa is doing something like this, and Saab isn’t. What’s special about this one? Nothing. What’s special about the Aero-X? Many things… you all should know by now…

  6. I’d love to see a limited edition Aero-X on the road. The problem is that GM is so slow to get things going that if they green-lighted it yesterday it wouldn’t hit the road until 2010.

    Proof is the new Camaro concept which “should be” on the road in late 2008 as a 2009 model. A full 4 years after the new retro Mustang that EVERYONE knew was coming down the pipe. Compare that to Ford’s release of the original Mustang in the ’60’s when GM walked the Earth as a titan and were able to respond to the “surprise” Mustang in only 3 years.

    More I think about it, since GM has no facilities to assembly limited edition cars the Aero-X might not make it until 2013.

    GM’s slowed response to the market is their albatross

  7. is it just me or does that Alfa bear more than a passing resemblance to the Bugatti Veyron, in the front especially? mighty pretty…

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