Best. Car. Ads. Ever.

Hate to help the competition, but I can’t get enough of these. Probably old news to most of you, but we’re a bit slow here in Oz and I needed to have these where I can seem ’em quick.

The Crate:


The Wrecking Ball


The Catapult

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  1. Pseudo SAAB tie-in: the “German” actor in these ads is actually Swedish actor Peter Stormare whose character fed Steve Buscemi’s character into the wood chipper in “Fargo” and he also appeared in “The Big Lebowski” as one of the “German” Nihilists.

  2. Swedes make the best Germans.
    True when it comes to both cars and actors 🙂

    “Let me hear you say ‘vat?'”

  3. Yeah, these commercials are hilarious. Definitely going for the anti-“ricer” crowd. And I admit, it’s working. 😉

    Definitely some of the best commercials for cars out at the moment.

  4. I don’t think that the designer/engineer character is gay, I just think that he’s a Teutonically arrogant purist — uncompromising.

    Besides, he’s got Helga…

    Love these ads! They are the best car ads ever.

    The sarcastic ‘Oh, snap!’ in the catapult commercial is soooo funny.

    As a note: Mr. Stromare forgets that he’s German in one spot – ‘What’s up?’ vs. ‘Vaht’s Up?’

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