Call Yourself Harcore (part ???)

I’ve done a few “call yourself hardcore?” entries, focussing on people’s collections of model cars or literature. This entry is a little different. It’s just a guy with two Saabs.

There’s nothing particularly hardcore about owning two Saabs, unless you’ve got to travel 2,000 kilometers to get them serviced!!

Danni owns two Saab 9-5’s and lives in Namibia. He writes:

Some pictures of my two current MY01 9-5 Aero. The red one has been optimized to 184kW / 350Nm and the blue one stock standard Aero 169kW / 350Nm. Both are pristine, red with 118,500km and the blue one 154,000km with a new sub assembly after the turbo calved and broke one of the rings. Out went the old sub assembly and a new one at South African rand 103,000! Eina! (meaning painful)

I bought the blue one new with a maintenance plan up to 50,000km and the red one bought from an American chap who worked for the franchised dealer who closed shop permanently in Windhoek, Namibia. For servicing, I have to drive to Johannesburg, South Africa, a distance of 2,000km one way. You think I am crazy? No, the cars are that good in terms of comfort, quality, performance and are unique in this part of the world. I will NEVER trade them for anything else, irrespective what the GM powers be do to Saab or those myopic narrow-minded journalists who test the cars for 20 minutes and think they can form a sane analysis. Listen, I have mine for 4 years now and believe that I have a better understanding of a 9-5 Aero than a journalist who get his hands dirty on a very bad day on a 9-5 Aero. Pity some folks really.

Now that, my friends, is hardcore.

Here’s a few of the pictures that Danni sent me.

95 Aero at Waterberg sml.jpg


Blue 9-5 profile sml.jpg


Daani with 9-5 sml.jpg


9-5 landscape.jpg


Blue with water.jpg

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  1. Danni,

    Very impressive!

    Keep em running and have a good time! Looking forward to more beautiful photos!!!

    You have the best mindset, don’t let anyone change your view!!

  2. I was in Kenya recently and saw zero Saabs. The roads in Africa are typically brutal, with enormous potholes. This is guy is HARDCORE to own a Saab. Big props to our man in Namibia!

  3. The best part about this website is that you think that SAAB has a future with GM. I love GM. I don’t see why they keep dumping money into SAAB. I really like SAAB products as well. I think SAAB would be served well by someone else. The Cadillac BLS is the best SAAB ever built!

  4. This post shows 2 things – firstly, that the Saab magic extends far and wide. Secondly that Trollhattan is read far and wide.

    As for the photos, wonderful. More please mate.

  5. Danni: I am not worthy.

    Great cars. Expensive repairs! 103,000 rand = US$6,000! Here in the US, you may be able to find a whole 9-5 for that kinda money! You are hardcore!

    As an aside: this is the right market for the 9-7x — what a shame that it’s seen as a pacifier for the U.S. dealer network.

  6. Lance Cole,

    Will you be writing a new book on Saab? Wow, excellent to see you read this blog!!

    This blog is now #1!!! Much more exciting than saabnet for sure.

  7. Wow, beautiful Saabs Danni. You inspire us to apprceciate our Saabs even more than we already do. Cheers mate.

    Lance – how about a book on OG9000/NG9000s ? 😀

  8. Thanks for the good questions on my books. Publishing is quiet up here in Pommy land and all my new books are on 2007 schedule at the earliest. Am talking with publisher about another Saab book, but unlike us Saab fans, they see the bigger non-Saab picture – ie you and I will buy a Saab book, but who else?

    Frankly, Trollhattan is much more fun than a book!
    Web is the way to go.

    Swade, are you reading this? When I come down to see the relatives in Melbourne, methinks you’ll have to buy me a pint on that windswept island of yours…

    By the way, I just blew up my 1984 900 GLI classic. Its dead.Shame, but we got to 118mph and back down again before the rods blew!

    Am going to buy an early 9-5 for about £1,500 pounds -easily done here. I will remove the sump and steam clean it, that way the breather pipe won’t suck up any crap and seize the engine….

  9. Thanks for all the positive responses so far. I knew I could not be wrong for having gone the maverick way and bought into the Saab experience.

    Roads pretty good here this part of the world (not asphalt) but bitumen but the distances between the various towns, cities and settlements are huge, similar to down under and it is an absolute delight to criss-cross then in a 9-5. There is something about those seats which leaves you refreshed after 3 – 4 hours behind the wheel. I have always said: Saab drivers don’t drive their cars, we pilot ’em.

  10. Danni and his SAABs are in the latest edition (issue 02/2007) of the saabmagazine. There is a letter from Danni in the letters section on page 7 and a nice picture of his blue 9-5 aero as well.

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