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A video of the stunning new Aero-X at its unveiling in Geneva is now available via the GM Fastlane website.  You can download it for Mac or PC (around 17mb).  I’ve just finished downloading it, but am having trouble getting it to play.  Some sort of wierd file type (m4v) that my system doesn’t recognise.  I’ll keep trying and post any updates —-> OK, it’s Quicktime.  Ours was an old version.  Now fixed.  Thanks for the advice, people.

For all the available info on the Aero-X, click here to go to the Aero-X category within this site.


Autoblog has concluded what was a positive, albeit stunted test of 9-3 Aero Convertible.  They had the car for 5 days but only posted 3 entries and the photography was somewhat less than inspiring.  Erin Mays, the tester from Autoblog, came out with little other than praise for the car; inside, outside and under the go pedal.


There’s another 9-3 Convertible test at AutoSpeed, though this one’s a little different to the Autoblog test.  Try a 1,200 km round trip through the Australian countryside for a test!!

Autospeed drive the ‘vert from Adelaide to Mount Gambier and back and despite a few misguided foibles (hey, they want to put the roof down with the boot full – good luck in any ‘vert with that), they find it an impressive drive overall:

As we hose off a sun-baked layer of insects from the windscreen and bonnet, we can’t help but admire how well the soft-top Saab coped in an environment that would show glaring deficiencies in lesser machines. It didn’t record the brilliant fuel consumption that we’d hoped for, the on-centre steering is a bit light and it’s a shame it’s impossible to retract the roof when the boot is loaded – but, overall, the car maintained brilliant comfort and composure. We would happily turn around and do it all again tomorrow.

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  1. Swade thank you for the link. The video is awsome. I can’t get over the fact that I was supposed to be in Geneva now but as Murphy’s law is THE LAW then you get the picture.

    About the format it is quicktime format. You can play it with quicktime 7.

  2. Interesting. Saab give us the option of making the trunk/boot bigger when the top is up, and these guys see it as a negative.

  3. Few hours ago I saw a reportage at Motorvision, a well known Motor program in from DSF, german TV channel, that I can see by satellite.

    They made a full reportage about the Opel and Saab stands in Geneve Salon, and all the process of construction and prepare of the launch of the Aero-x and the Opel GT.

    It was very interesting the passion of the GM Event Manager that is called Jean Phillipe to manage and make possible all the Saab stand to be done with the 55tones of Swedish Ice…..

    The car is just astonishing, with the canopy and the interior with the 3D instruments cluster.

  4. I have a dumb question:
    With all of the positive publicity coming from the Aero-X intro, would it make sense for Saab to make a limited edition of hand-built Aero-X models ASAP, complete with canopy and all, and sell to the ultra rich and famous. I think it’s so unique that there would be a solid demand from people who have the money. It could provide both a profit and a halo effect, and later on, a trickle-down effect.
    Stupid idea?

  5. Thanks to a mate of mine who gave me a call to swich to DSF I also had a chance to watch that reportage and it was very interesting. The interior of the car looks great. It looks much better then I thought when I saw that pictures of interior that Swade provided. It looks so unreal and high qality. I managed to record some of it on my comp for later reviewing.

    Ted Y, it is not a stupid idea at all. I think that it is a great idea and if GM would do it then it would prove that they are actualy capable of doing something right.

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