Cooler butt, less fuel

Edmunds have an interesting little article about ventilated seats.  They’re quoting a Dept of Energy report that says US drivers could save 522 million litres of gasoline each year – if only they all had ventilated seats and used them instead of the air conditioning system in their car.

Not. Going. To. Happen. 

I had my first experience with the vented seats recently, and they truly are sensational.  I’d be quite happy to use them here in Tassie during the summer, where the temperature peaks at about 35 degrees C every now and then.  But I can’t imagine people in hotter climates killing off the a/c for a prolonged period.

And of course, it should be mentioned that the ventilated seat is just another one of Saab’s Innovations, having been introduced on the 9-5 back in MY 1998.

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  1. Are all Saab’s now with ventilated seats?

    It seems like the 9-3s don’t have ventilated seats, they appear different.


  2. This is one of my pet peeves with SAAB. To this day only the 9-5 offers optional seat ventilation. It’s around a US$1000 option.

    If I ever buy a new SAAB again I would like the option of the ventilated seats as the temperature typically peaks around 110 degrees F (43 Celsius) where I live. Though I don’t ever think I’ll be in the market for a 9-5.

    The SAAB seat ventilation system works by using fans in the seats to push air through the perforated leather. I understand it’s very effective, but an even more promising system is one that uses a Peltier system to actually chill the air. For details see this webpage:

    I believe some Cadillac and Mercedes models offer Peltier effect cooled seats as an option.

  3. I saw the ventilated seats on the options list and thought they were too expensive.

    I used to have the bead seat when I lived in Las Vegas and it was 100+ degrees every day. They do work.

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