Diesel Audi win in US

This obviously ain’t Saab-specific, but it’s significant enough for a mention.

It’s no news to anyone on the left side of the Atlantic when I say that the image of the diesel engine in the US consumer’s mind is somewhat ‘smoky’. If diesel is to be accepted there in the near term like it has been in Europe in the recent past, then the public perception of the diesel powerplant needs to be brought up to speed.

Winning a 12-hour racing event in a diesel-powered race car can’t hurt too much, can it?

Audi R10 tdi.jpg

The car in question is Audi’s R10 TDi and it’s just won the 12-hour event at Sebring over the weekend. It took the honours 3 laps in advance of the second place Lola – and all this despite starting the race in 34th place from pit lane!!!

There were 2 Audis in the field. This was the No 2 car, which assumed the lead about two-thirds of the way through after the No 1 car retired with some overheating issues. Had it stayed cool, we could have been looking at an Audi diesel quinella.

Now that’ll make an impression.

Jay – get Saab USA on the diesel bandwagon. ASAP bruddah!!! Imagine Saab being the first manufacturer out there with a full turbocharged Tri-fuel engine lineup accross the passenger sports-sedan range. Gasoline, diesel and e85 – take your pick, Mr Customer.

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  1. Judging by the feedback comments at Autoblog, this will go a long way in overcoming the diesel stigma in the USA–heck even I’m starting to like diesel. I’ve hated it ever since I bought a 1981 Diesel VW Rabbit for my 51 mile one way trip to work. Great mileage, but I could still feel the drumming a half hour after getting out of the car.

    How fast could 1100 Nm torque break a 2-cycle Saab gearbox? Bet the car wouldn’t even start to move.

    Great if Saab gets diesel in the USA, but please, no camshaft belts!

  2. I can see it now: Sideshow Bob & The Parmacists get all worked up and decide they want to be racers too and soon we see the launch of the V10 TurboDiesel AeroX Sonnet. At LeMans.

    Bob starts complaining that he can’t find Talledega on GM-spec Sat Nav……although the Brickyard is set as a factory default.
    Bob realises that he can’t find Sweden on his Satnav either…….press releases & upgrades ensue……Then he realises LeMans is in one of those Other European countries…close to where he gets his gold ties from……

  3. Its more than that. New York Times, Chicago Trib notapeep on Sunday…its all NASCAR, all ethanol 24/7…makes me want to buick. Whynot declare, spin-off,move to Canada? Will GM as we know it ever turn a dime???

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