Exclusive Aero-X pics

Cheers to Djup Strupe for sending in these rather special Aero-X pics, which I’ve sized up for 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600 wallpapers.

These were shot at a press event for the Aero-X, I assume in the lead up to the Stockholm Motor Show, which starts April 1. Robert Collin, from Aftonbladet, has managed to get a quick report in on the event as well (link in Swedish). My dodgy translator tells me that he seems very pleased with what he saw, going so far as to say that the car is a statement of sorts that Saab doesn’t plan on dying anytime soon, nor that General Motors will let it die soon. Encouraging (if I’ve translated correctly).

Click on the photos to enlarge to 1024 x 768. There’s a link below each photo for the 800 x 600 version.


Aero-X open front 1024.jpg

800 x 600 version: View image


Aero-X open rear qtr 1024.jpg

800 x 600 version: View image


Aero-X open side 1024.jpg

800 x 600 version: View image

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  1. The article also states the costs that have been made to build the Aero-X: 15 million Swedish kronors (approx. $1,35 million or €1,6 million) Not much for such a car and such an imagemaker!

  2. Those wheels are supposed to be turbine blade shapes right? My dad being a mechanical engineer and more specifically, designer of blades in jet engines and other turbies, I had to show him this.

    When I read the press release I was under the impression that the spokes/blades would suck air in from the outside, through the spokes and calipers, and go under the car.

    A closer look reveals that this is not the case. The air under the car would be propelled outwards to the environment. Thus creating more down-force!

    If Saab were to run some very low running bumpers and skirts around this car, you would have all the down-force you could wish for!

    Can anyone else make sense out of this? Or am I just being silly?

  3. 15 million SEK is a very low cost for this kind of concept car.
    Toyota did a concep for a smáll car this year and the cost was 30-40 million SEK. And that car wasn´t even drivable!

  4. According to this article in Aftonbladet, there will be 25 reporters test driving the Aero X next week. So we will see more pics of it later on. Great idea from Saab to extend the Media coverage by letting reporters drive it 🙂

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