For the record….

I’m going for Gonzaga.

a) it’s not far from Vancouver, my NA home. Well, closer than any other place that’s still in the NCAA tournament.
b) it’s the college home of one of the gutsiest and most enduring NBA players of all time, John Stockton
c) now that the Buckeyes are out, Dinger won’t get mad at me.
d) now that JJ Reddick and Duke are out, maybe they’re a chance to win (ok, there’s UConn as well, but I have faith).
e) their star has a very questionable moustache

He’s come to cleeeen ze pooool.

Adam Morrison.jpg

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  1. Morrisson won’t take them far. After a good ride through a bit of a soft draw on the tourney (Indiana’s coach was notified late last month that his contract wouldn’t be renewed and Xavier is, well, Xavier), I predict that they will lose a heartbreaker to UCLA. An 84-81 affair with little defense played by either team late in the game. Barring that, Memphis will crush them by at least 25 points. Actually, Memphis will crush either UCLA or Gonzaga by that much.

    As a Southeastern Conference fan (I am a Vanderbilt graduate), I’ve got to pull for LSU and Florida, but Memphis is the back up because it’s in Tennessee.

    LSU is at the top of their game (obviously), and Florida is trending down a bit, but Billy Donovan will coach them up enough to beat a streaking Georgetown team.

    Texas vs. LSU and Villanova vs. Boston College — that’s some great basketball!! Tune in!

  2. Well, as they say: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.

    My Final Four (now that the teams have narrowed a bit):
    1. LSU in a close, see-saw game, lower scoring than people think it should be. This one is a tough call; Texas is very good, but LSU is hot right now.
    2. Memphis will roll over UCLA.
    3. Connecticut will go through their two games like a hot knife through butter.
    4. This is a tough one. I”m going to chicken out a bit and say that the winner of the Villanova/Boston College game will be the fourth. This game is just too close to call. If BC can get their shooting percentage up just a little, they win. If ‘Nova plays a little stiffer D, they win. Florida will beat Georgetown, but they’ll have little left in the tank to beat either BC or Villanova.

  3. Look’s like it’s a bad year for the both of us, at least the Buckeyes didn’t cry like little babies when they got sent home.

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