Friday Night Snippets

OK, so which one of you black Saab drivers in California thought it was funny to frock up and get up to some mischief??

An unshaven man wearing a black evening gown, fishnet stockings, calf-high boots and a black wig robbed a USA Gas station earlier this week, police alleged.

The armed man stuffed $290 in cash into an ensemble-matching black purse.

“I’ve been with the department for 22 years, and this is the first time I’ve heard of this happening anywhere here,” Lt. Phil Penko said.

About 35 minutes after Monday’s robbery, Officer Chad Ventimiglia spotted a black Saab with fishnet pantyhose hanging from the front driver’s-side door, dragging on the ground, investigators said.

Bad Boi!!!!!!!


On a more serious note, how coincidental is it that GM announce an agreement to buy out a bunch of workers at prices varying with years of service….

…..and then announce a day or so later that they’re planning on paring down their engineering staff in Europe.

All you engis in Sweden – here’s to your continued employment.


The rumour doing the papers today in Sweden is that Saab will make the official announcements about the Hybrid concept on March 30th, birthdate of Eric Clapton, Prince Edward, Warren Beatty, Vincent Van Gogh…..and yours truly.

Presents will be accepted at Po Box……..

Thanks ctm for the rumour


Saab of Germany are starting up a new sales campaign to welcome in the warmer northern months. It’s to be called the Five Stars of Summer, highlighting Saab’s safety, styling, lifestyle, fun and value. Also ties in nicely with the Euro NCAP 5-star rating.

Germany is the single biggest market on the European continent and Saab has some tremendous potential for growth there.

Here’s hoping my ancestors pick up on the campaign and choose to part with their deutschmarks.

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  1. Any chance of getting an English translation of either or both of those articles, ctm?

    The second one looks more informative.

  2. Sorry Swade, the Germans will not part with their deutsch marks. That has been replaced with the euro. Good write-up though in terms of the potential of Saab to increase potential market share.

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