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Nice to be back at home.  The Mrs and I thought it’d be nice to go on an outing together seeing I’d been away for a few days.  So what do you do to say "hi" to each other again after a bit of an absence??

You go and see "A history of violence", of course.  Great movie.  Nice to be back in the Viggen again too, after 4 days in a Subaru Forrester (an absolute brick).

In Saab news, those February figures are now being reported by Reuters as being almost correct.  Saab did indeed have it’s best February in Europe ever, but with 5,554 sales rather 5,664 as I wrote here the other day.  The global figure was correct.  The champagne corks may now officially start popping!!  I haven’t seen Aussie figures yet, but will check on that later.

More Saab stuff after I catch some Z’s 

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  1. No wonder why sales numbers in the US are low, I went in this last weekend to try out a 9-3 sports combi and the new 9-5 (we have a 2002 9-5 and 2004 9-3 convert), there was only 4 sports combis on the lot and only one 9-5, you can’t sell cars you don’t have.

  2. In my dealership(Houston Tx) we have 1″ONE” 9-3Combi,I was told that inventory will be very small due to sales in Europe for at least next three months.I have two 9-5 Combis and interest is very small.Market for SAABs in Houston is very small,we need more time on TV.Typical customer for 9-5 here is 9-5 or 9000 owner and its much easer to switch customers from AUDI or BMW to 9-3 sedan.Good news is that in last months I see increase of interest in 9-3 in group of customers that never had european car.

  3. Ditto the Nashville dealership.

    Swade, I sympathize with you: I’ve been in a Ford Escape for the week, and I’ve got another 4-5 hours of driving before I’m done. I just don’t understand the whole SUV thing. The extra space is OK, but the driving — ugh.

    The 900 is going to feel good when I get home!

  4. “you can’t sell cars you don’t have.”

    In the USA this is true, however pretty much everywhere else cars are factory ordered.

    And of course Saab sells cars rather in Europe where it can actually make some profit.

  5. I know exactly that feeling since I was in Adelaide for 3 days and driving around in a bloody Falcon. Makes you appreciate your Saab more once you hope back in to it. As soon as a I left the car park in my Areo it felt like glory.

  6. Hank, Jacek. I’d thought numbers were low and it seems so in certain areas. Bill Bartman was saying that Washington DC’s awash with Saabs. Maybe it’s a distribution thing, though Hank’s in New Hampshire according to his IP, so my “heaps in the nor-east, not many elsewhere” theory may be shot down.

    Steven – it was a 2.5 n/a vehicle with auto. It was as slow as a wet week and felt cheaper than a Times Square hooker (or so David Letterman tells me).

    Joe, Eggs – It truly was nice to be back in a wonderful driving environment. And Eggs, it seems you and I are maybe the only ones who think Japanese designs date quickly. Are we enlightened or just stoopid?

  7. All this talk about Saab’s and esp the Viggen makes me sad. My family grew so i had to let go my Saab Black Viggen. It was fully modified by Abbottracing and was the fastest Saab in Australia, 0-100kms in 5.5seconds. Now i drive a Ford Territory, yes an SUV but am beginning to get back into serious cars again. Current Saab line-up is not exciting or radical enough so may have to wait for any inclination of the X concept cars ever becoming a reality in future Saab cars.

  8. No, Swade, I don’t think that we’re ‘stoopid’. To the contrary, I believe that we’re the only ones that truly consider ‘timeless’ in the judgement.

    Just because I don’t consider the Z-cars worthy of ‘timeless’ beauty designation doesn’t mean that I dislike them. I don’t. I think that Z-cars are good-looking automobiles. However, I put them in the same class as the Volvo 1800 and the 1972 Buick GS — great-looking cars for their era. This is high praise.

    However, ‘timeless’ implies transcendence — a design that is so great or so beautiful that it is recognized and lauded even by those that are not automobile afficianados.

    That is, only cars like the Jaguar XKE, 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado, 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, Porsche 911, Ferrari 365 (Daytona), slab-side Lincolns, etc. need apply.

    Hey — I’ll be the first to admit this: my beloved C900 probably doesn’t meet this standard, yet it’s still my favorite car of all time.

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