Monday Night Snippets – incl UK sales

Greetings from sunny Launceston, Tasmania.

A big thanks to Vector 220 for posting this in comments. As I’m away from my home and office PC’s I didn’t have the link – so cheers mate.

UK sales are once again heading for what might possibly be another record year. I’ll let Vector’s full comments entry tell the story:

The numbers from the UK came as predicted the 6:th

Year to date
UK total market: down 9.75%
Saab: Up 6.29%

Feb 2006
UK total: down 1.42%
Saab: Up 14.17%

And now, the really fun part:
Volvo market share year to date: 1.07%
Saab market share year to date: 1.06%

Volvo market share feb 2006: 0.90%
Saab market share feb 2006:1.09%

Damn! this is good!

Damn right it is, buddy. Maybe that prediction from the Independant about the 9-3 SportCombi (see below) is coming to pass?

Congratulations to Saab UK for a better set of numbers than Marilyn Monroe.


I’ve just spent the evening chewing the fat with occasional abusive commenter and fellow Tasmanian Saabnut, Drew B. We solved all of the world’s problems (as we usually do) and he then informed me that our little island state, already noted as home to one of the only two Saab 95’s in Australia, is also likely to become home to one of the last 150 Saab 96’s ever made!

Photos will be forthcoming, as well as some interesting facts about the how the buyer is acquiring the vehicle.

UPDATE: here’s a preliminary shot. Click to enlarge…



Drew himself is acquiring a Saab 9000 Airflow in a vehicle-swapping arrangement with a fellow Tasmanian SCCA member. My first ever Saab experience was in a white Saab 9000 of similar vintage (i.e. circa late 1980’s). Bloody fast thing it was. And to think the owner nearly traded it on a RAV4 he didn’t need.

Any stories about your first Saab experience are welcome in comments.


Speaking of late 80’s Saabs….driving along here in Launnie today I saw a very nice, black Carlsson. Magnificent. Never knew there was one around here. Unfortunately it was travelling in the opposite direction so I couldn’t give chase. So many Saabs, so little time.


And speaking of Carlssons, I did see a press release somewhere recently that a new Carlsson model 9-3 Sport Sedan would be coming out in Europe soon. My dodgy internet translator couldn’t spit out accurately enough the Carlsson-specific features of this new limited edition, but anyone with naturally acquired translation skills can feel free to clue us in.

My greetings and best wishes to Mr Carlsson if he happens to be tuning in.


And speaking of tax incentives (I wasn’t?), Edmunds are reporting that a new tax incentive may be coming up for approval in the US. The incentive would offer boosted depreciation allowances for ‘greener’ vehicles, including certain lean-burning diesels. Fred, maybe you can clue me in as to whether Saab fits the description. If so, then it adds another to the compelling list of reasons why SaabUSA should be making moves to introduce its diesels that have been so successful in Europe and the UK.

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  1. Sorry Swade…have heard notathing…we’ve just started on the E85 brain-washing cycle here, with rinse and spin to follow, so I’d bet meisters at GM,ADM,WandDick etal would squash or ignore anything like that…it dosen’t have that free-market ring.

  2. These guys in the UK are simply amazing. Not only they go against the nation’s trend but they are beatting all the main competitors including Volvo hands down. What is their real secret ?? Can somone from the UK comment on this please !!!

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