More on that Saab/Opel Hybrid system

UPDATE: Edmunds are now picking up this story as well:

Environmentally friendly vehicles would fit nicely into Saab’s image โ€” but shouldn’t hybrids be part of every GM brand’s offerings?

Thanks to TuuSaR in comments, we’ve got the URL for Saab’s patent application on the hybrid transmission system. As is also mentioned in comments, the presence of a patent on a particular technology doesn’t guarantee we’ll ever see it (the SVC engine, for example).

And yet another thing mentioned in comments: when Swede’s say “eventually” like Jan-Ake did about the hybrid system appearing in a Saab, that “eventually” can get a little lost in translation and actually mean a stronger sort of “possibly”.

Here’s a couple of screenshots relating to the hybrid transmission system for those of you that might be interested. I’m more of an artist than an engineer, so a lot of this is gobbledygook to me. It’s separated into two images as the writing continued over two pages.

Saab Hybrid photo 1.jpg
Saab Hybrid photo 2.jpg

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  1. ctm: if that’s the case, I wonder if the hybrid is the car that was missing from Geneva.

    Maybe it wasn’t quite ready so they had to work on it for another month, and decided to push-out its unveiling at the Stockholm show? I know Stockholm’s in Sweden itself, but is it really one of the premier shows? You’d think that a major development like this would have been shown at Detroit or Geneva.

  2. Could be that it was too late for Geneva, but I find it hard to believe that the drivtrain and the specs about wasn’t ready for just a show. Maybe they didn’t want it to compete with Aero-X, but can’t wait for another big show – so Stockholm got it. It’s Sweden after all… You are right about that Stockholm isn’t big internationally. Anybody know when and where the next “big” show is? Lots of stuff in the pipeline… New 9-5 (me want rough sketches and tech-specs), face-lifted 9-3 (me want pictures of the front ๐Ÿ™‚ and the new 9-1/9-2 (me want sketches and tech-specs)… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The next really big show is Frankfurt, which I think is in September. But there’s also New York next month (the Aero-X will be there) and Paris – though I’m not sure when that is.

    I think debuting a drivetrain is a bit of a fizzer. People like to see something new that’s exciting to look at. That means a new model. Debuting a drivetrain is about as exciting as paint. Remember the 9-5 Biopower ‘debut’ at Detroit a few months ago? All it was was a car sitting there with ‘Biopower’ written down the side of it.

    Not very inspiring and didn’t receive a whole lot of coverage as a result.

    New drivetrains have to be driven for people to get excited.

  4. Swade, you got a point there. Aero-X was a “must” at Geneva to start a new phase and make good of all the rumors. And the public need something they can see is new… Like a brand new car. ๐Ÿ™‚

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