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Sorry about the lack of posting, but I’ve been getting intimate with my Triton Workcentre….

Hot on the heels of the Aero-X winning the "Best-In-Show" award from Autoweek Magazine, automotive snotrag Car and Driver (also known as Auto und Treiber) are hosting a poll to gain reader’s views on which Geneva concept vehicles should be given the green light.  Proving that the readers know more than the writers (something that happens here at TS everyday), the Aero-X has gathered 28% of the vote so far (total 2047), the highest number of votes for any one vehicle.


Assuming the Aero-X could make it to production, what modifications from the concept would you be willing to forgive?  

I’d say the cockpit canopy is an impratical pipedream as may be the instrumentation and the absolutely enourmous wheels.  But I’d want the proportions to remain the same and the interior to at least look similar to the concept.  And I’d definitely want that engine/drivetrain setup.

Could this be done and could I live with the result?  Could you live with the changes you’d think are necessary to give it a chance at production. 

Comments are open.  I’d offer this as another ‘Tell GM About It‘ campaign, but it seems they don’t listen anyway. 

Thanks to Peter Stokes for the tip on the poll. 

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  1. I like canopy but………yep we need door,wheels are ok I wouldn’t mind to show off a little,drawer I would change to hatch and that is all.Build it.

  2. You go, Ken!!

    The wheels have got to go, and a hatch would be nice. 2+2 seating would be too much to ask, but it would broaden the appeal.

    PS: Swade, you’re going to think that I’m making this up just to suck up to important people like you, but I’ve been shopping for one of those Triton Workcentres for about two months now! Great concept. I first became aware of devices like this about 5 years ago at a hardware store here — I saw a demonstration of a flat ‘mitre table’ if you will — it was like a workcentre without the legs. It was Australian, too, so it must have been the same outfit. I’ve not seen one of those since. Truly, the flat device would suffice, but the Workcentre is perfect for the occasional craftsman like me. I’ll be having one soon!

  3. Eggs,

    The Triton is a seriously good piece of equipment. I’ve only just finished putting mine together but look forward to a lot of years of good use from it.

    I made a fantastic cabinet that I use for CD storage, using a friend’s Triton. Heaps of fun and it turned out fantastic. I didn’t know they sold them in the US, but if they do, I’d thoroughly recommend looking into one. And make sure you get the genuine Triton saw. The table is made for it and whilst it will fit other saws, this one’s a heavy duty tool and I think it makes the whole installation process a little easier. You’ll forget about the extra $50 or so very quickly once you start using it.

  4. Triton saws aren’t available in the US. Routers, yes, saws, no. Safety regulations?

    The Workcentre is available, but they want $389 for the thing (includes shipping)! For that, I can get an OK table saw ($200), circular saw ($50) and a cheapo router/router table combo ($100) and still come out ahead. Hence why I’ve been ‘shopping’. I’ve been hoping to find one used or collecting dust (rather than making it) that I can get on the cheap.

    To be fair, they only sell it in the US with all of the accessories: wheels, planer, bevel guide, maxi table, height winder. I don’t need all of that stuff!

    If I’d just acted on the impulse to buy that mitre table attachment back when I saw it….

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