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All the real news involves a certain hybrid Biopower vehicle. There’s an article in Swedish available here today. Thanks to Jan for the link (his site – he’s a plug-in power guy – is here). He mentions via email that the car on show in Sweden this week has “a Metal Hybrid battery” but the aim is to use lithium ion, expecting a breakthrough in this technolgy 2008-2009. There is also mention made of a plug-in possibility as a future facility. It’s a concept car – market ready not earlier than around 2010.

Apparently this is the guy leading the project, Tommy Lindblom, with the battery bank in the background….


Previous news about the Hybrid is here, here and here.
seems to really, really like the 2006 9-5.

The 9-5 handles very well, with good road feel that’s balanced with a smooth ride. The 9-5 inspires confidence in a driver, with excellent road manners and ample power.


BusinessWeek has an article that looks initially like a review of the company that sort of turns into a review of the 9-7x, including the following further testimony about the SUV’s better-than-expected credentials:

Driving the 2006 Saab 9-7XAutomotive experts and Saab buffs breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the 9-7X in the metal. There were some concerns that the brand would sacrifice its distinct heritage by building their first SUV on a GM platform, but what happened is that Saab’s engineers took the best-in-class experience from GM’s truck-based TrailBlazer, and gave it a thorough reworking — many auto journalists consider it the best version of GM’s SUV to date.

After further waxing on the 9-7x it reverts back to the rest of the range. A very good intro article for joe-public.


GM won’t dump Saab or Hummer, apparently. Though I find it amusing that an American site like Autoblog is using an Australian source like News Ltd to get information about a conference call reported by a corresponent in New York.


The energy-business-review reports on the chicken and egg dilemma facing the ethanol industry in the UK. There’s not enough cars, so who is going to invest in pumps?

The forward-thinkers, that’s who.


Here’s a great SOTW shot……

Saab 95w.JPG


There’s a German press release from Saab about some Hirsch vehicles. I’m running short of Internet Cafe time, so if you speak the lingo, enjoy it here.

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  1. WOW! Finally, a non-turboed, non-biopowered, non-spoilered, non-troublesome SOTW! What a ripper of a 95 V4 that is. Any chance of further details, or at the very least a larger image?


  2. This is unrelated, but Saab USA just launched a new web site that’s a nice improvement over the old one. It incorporates info on the Aero X and other concepts, and carries the “Born From Jets” theme all the way through.

    I consider this yet another sign that GM is serious about raising Saab’s profile in America. Here’s the link:

  3. DaveM,
    I hope you’re right. I’ve given up on the idea of GM selling Saab because they’ve dissected it to where it’s unmarketable. Now I’m just hoping that GM can work out a deal with the UAW, and get its house in order, so that it can be resuscitated from near-death and give us a Saab that is what Saab should be. I hope they’ve finally figured out what Saab is all about and what a great resource they have in Saab.

  4. Drew, I forgot to credit the fact that I pinched the photo from Flickr, so that’s as big as I could get it for the site. I’ll have another look for the source and see if a bigger one’s available.

    We could get shots like that (and better) of yours one time soon, of course.


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