Saab 96 Video

Oh, I am loving this!! Google Video embedded on site – sensational.

This one’s got it’s wierd moments, but some very funny ones too and some crazy Finnish driving in a Saab 96.


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  1. Now THAT would be cool. I may have to run our 9000 though. No bush-bashing in the Vig. Maybe I could borrow a 99T off Bill (he’s got 3 now!!).

    Whaddaya reckon Bill?

  2. Huh, that was really, uh, odd. Super funny, but odd. The best part was when they stopped and beat up the “guy” with hockey sticks. The sound effects were classic. The police chase at the end was totally random. Good find… how’d it cross your desk?

  3. Yes really funny video from wintry Finland. I have no information where in Finland it has been shot but in the first frame it is said:

    “T-Ford was chosen to the car of century. They were however wrong”.

    And in the last frame: ” Saab 96 – Car of the century”.

    The music that is heard first is from very famous finnish artist: Rauli Badding Somerjoki, who sang this song in 1970. Lyrics go somewhat likes this: “He was born with gasoline in his veins and speed in his head….”
    It’s still a very popular classic in Finland.

    Another song “Police” was from another quite popular Finnish rock band. The original song might be from USA and the lyrics have been altered in a funny way.

    At this time we have similar weather here in Finland as seen on the video 🙂

  4. Swade: He calls himself ‘Saabaudi’ for crying out loud! That’s enough for anyone to be depressed about.

    About the vid: strange, but in a good way.

  5. Hello swade, eggsngrits,
    it`s not the car or the ride of it in the video. That’s Saab as it is and this is fine.
    I have strongly been irritated by the sequence showing a man who is crashed by the Saab. The car-crew stops, takes sticks and dashs the hit body to pieces. Then the crew enters the Saab without any emotion and the ride goes on. Should this behaviour of the three boys be cool?
    Of course the body is a dummy but I don`t see any sense in this action. It is the aggressive attitude of this scene which is underlined by an explosion of another car.
    In my eyes here the fun stops even I am a saab-enthusiast.

  6. I burst out laughing in at work watching this, how embarassing. Its a good video, makes me think when I want to have a quick getaway in snow to use my saab.

  7. Good driving – the plot sucks
    a lot better driving than top-gear jeremy clarkson
    i saw him smashing a brand new jag XK in some norvergian icy conditions on tele last week
    he was nonsense talking about ice-driving-dancing and the elegance of his driving style
    truth was, he just couldn’t hold the marked track
    admit, top-gear plot was ok

    and oh johnny, this link is superb
    is there any more of this material on the web?

  8. Saabaudi, no need to explain your credentials to me. We’ve corresponded enough for me to know you’re genuine.

    The spirit of the video is in fun, and I think even this part was done that way. The way they check the car first etc.

    Each to their own.

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