Saab 9x Video

Here’s a brief look at something Saab has missed in its lineup.  How much better would the company be financially and in the public’s opinion if they’d gone ahead and actually made this vehicle?

It starts out animated and then goes to some real driving clips.  Well worth a look:


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  1. Yes I agree. The Saab 9-x could have easily been in the same niche as the Porsche 911 Carrera’s or the BMW M3 and the Audi S4 Series.

    The performance is also on part to the cars mentioned above and I am sure price might be a little more competitive considering a 911 carrerra these days go for 200K + AUD.

    Well, we can dream…

  2. The Video (here) and the website for the 9-X show different cars? The Video shows a car that has a rear that opens up and the website shows a closed rear end. Also, the car seems to have no windows that open while driving, maybe we just can’t see it?
    Don’t get me wrong I think the car is far out! Its beyond a regular Porsche or M3/S4, talk about design and special features, the door or canopy for one is very unique. Its a total Buck Rogers/1984/Furureistic car, it will blow peoples minds! (lets hope it works)

  3. should have, would have, except a little thing in the 93ss called optic fibre wiring gave this car its premature grave.

    I do know someone that was driven this car in Sweden a few years back, he said that to this day he hasn’t driven a better car since and he works a Mercedes Benz now..

    one can still dream of the 9-x becoming a reality..


  4. Que ser sera… THAT screams Saab at me! The front of that car of one HUGE three hole grill totally unlike the Aero-X and the 06 9-5 as it dominates the front of the car – oh AND its actually three holes.

    The 9X was/is gorgeous!!

  5. The video is pretty cheesy with its “arty” aspect to me, but the car is excellent. I remember they were trying to label this as a car for affluent, single Generation X’ers who like outdoor (Xtreme!) activities with the 9X’s integral cargo space for surfboards or skis or bicycles, or whatever.

    I remember seeing it in person when it was on display at Hollywood & Highland here.

    I see that others here see the 9X as a competitor to Porsche, but I see it potentially as a more luxury GTi or Mini Cooper S competitor. A more expensive “hot hatch”. The 9X really should have been the 9-2X.

    It looks like it can corner like mad with the wheels being pushed out to the extremes of the chassis. Talk about stability!

  6. Holy crap, I almost peed my pants. That is a wicked vid. Pleeease build this car SAAB (GM). I was totaly dreaming of me driving that car. iv seen pic’s of this car but seeing it moving (WOW!).

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