Saab O The Week – March 8th

Greetings again from northern Tassie. Still away on assignment.

Here’s one for the classic fans! Not just one, but TWO beautiful green 900s. A 3-door combi and a ‘vert.

This magnificent shot was sent in by Andreas, the owner of the 3-door. The ‘vert belongs to his mate Ulf and the photo was taken on a mountain called St Anton in eastern Switzerland.

I sincerely think there’s more culture in that last sentence than there is in all of Tasmania.

Anyway, enjoy the classics. Click to enlarge…


All photos in the SOTW section are real Saabs owned and photographed by real Saab owners. There is a little bit of a twist, however: we’re after great photos of Saabs, not just any old photo with a great Saab in it.

If you’d like to see your car here in Saab O The Week, then just email me (link in the left sidebar).

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