Saab O The Week – March 13

Here’s the first Saab 9000 I’ve featured in a SOTW entry (and about time too!).  I’m looking forward to one day hosting my first 9-7x SOTW entry too, though I’m not sure when that’ll come through.

This pic is from Matthew G.  It’s his 1993 9000 CSE, looking in exceptionally fine condition.  This car’s always been a bit of an enigma for me.  I’ve had one for just over two years now and I still don’t quite understand what its strong points are, but it’s one hell of a reliable, comfortable car to own.  I hope to get a few laps in an Aero version one day.  Ours is an auto and whilst it can boogie when it needs to, it mostly feels a little lifeless.

But I digress.  This is about Matt’s 9000CSE, and a fine looking beasty it is!  Gotta say, I love the colour.


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  1. Well, I think you answered your own question about the appeal of the car. It was spacious, quiet, and had a hatch that could swallow a whale–all the while not looking like a hatchback. Plus, the Aero versions of the CS/CSE were pretty fast machines, all things considered. But I agree, they weren’t very Saab-like (in the traditional Classic 900 mold) but they did bring new buyers into the Saab family who today are probably driving 9-5s (well, this is true for me).

  2. I have a 9000 CDE, and despite having the 200 HP full pressure turbo, the car is quite boring. The auto-box doesn’t help any. It’s a wonderful car though. I’d love to have an Aero.
    I’m awaiting the arrival of a new convertible top so I can get back into the 900.

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